Purchase of Property


Allow brokerage activities

Do you want to broker real estate or loan agreements on a commercial basis? You need an official permit for this. This also applies if you want to manage residential real estate...

Apply for certificate of seclusion

You need the certificate of seclusion to divide a property into condominiums.


A conveyance is a declaration of agreement between the seller and the buyer of a property. Both must submit this declaration of agreement in the simultaneous presence of a...

Determine real estate transfer tax

If you realize a legal transaction that relates to a domestic property, it is generally subject to real estate transfer tax.

Exercise the right of first refusal of the municipality

The municipal right of first refusal enables the municipality to acquire land for urban development purposes in order to influence its future structural and other use.

Land register

The land register is used for legal transactions involving real estate. In particular, the ownership structure and encumbrances under private law, such as rights of way,...

Market value according to BauGB determination / land value determination

Do you need to know the value of a property, e.g. for purchase negotiations, family law matters or inheritance disputes? To do so, submit an application for a market value...

Obtain information on purchase price collection

Do you need suitable purchase prices to determine the value of a property? To do so, submit an application for information from the collection of purchase prices to the...

Parcel formation by merging; application for land plot unification certification

You want to unite several plots of land into one or merge several parcels of land into one? For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for a union of plots of land or a merger...

Property tax fixing

Property tax is levied by the municipality on whose territory the property is located.

Property tax notice for land received

Property tax is a municipal tax levied on real property located within the municipality's territory.

Real Estate Market Information (formerly Real Estate Market Report)

Are you interested in data on the real estate market in Thuringia? Then use the real estate market information provided free of charge on the Internet by the expert committees...

Receive notice of the property tax assessment amount

If you are the owner of real property (or in the new federal states, users of agricultural and forestry property) that is not exempt from real property tax, the tax office will...

Receive real estate tax assessment for land used for agriculture and forestry or agricultural and forestry operations

Property tax is a municipal tax levied on real property located within the municipality's territory.

Request certificate of residence issuance

If you wish to purchase a plot of land, you can find out which municipal levies, based on federal law, are associated with this plot of land by applying to the relevant...

Request change of use of buildings

A change of use is a change in the approved type of use of a building. For the registration of a trade, for example, it is advisable to obtain information about this in advance...

Sale or auction of land, buildings and objects from ownership, fiscal inheritance and appropriation rights of the Free State of Thuringia

Citizens and companies can acquire state-owned land and buildings that the state no longer needs to fulfill its tasks. Furthermore, appropriation rights to ownerless land can...

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