Employee-related registration requirements

What has to be registered where and how if, for example, the employment status of one of my employees changes? A number of legal requirements must be followed, particularly regarding social security for your employees. You can find the relevant information and services here.


Display home office with special hazard protection regulations

If you are a company that provides work from home in accordance with the Home Work Act and is subject to special health and safety regulations, you must notify the competent...

Farm number Allocation

As an employer, you must register your employees for social insurance. To do this, you need a company number.

Handicrafts Register: Declaration of handicraft business manager

If the craft business manager meets the requirements, then he or she is entered in the craftsmen's register.

Home work: first employment - notification

If you are employing persons with home work for the first time, then you must notify the competent body.

Household check for mini-jobs in private households Implementation

If you employ a domestic helper on a mini-job basis, you must register them using the household check procedure.

Minimum wage control

The customs authorities monitor compliance with the minimum wage. For this purpose, they can inspect business records such as employment contracts and demand the production of...

Municipal Commissioner for Foreigners and Integration

Here you will find information on municipal foreigners and integration officers.

Notification of the person authorized to represent the company in the performance of the duties of the radiation protection supervisor within the scope of radiation protection licenses in companies or facilities

The person authorized to represent the radiation protection supervisor within the scope of radiation protection licenses you must notify the competent authority.

Notify employment of a pregnant or breastfeeding woman

If one of your employees has informed you that she is pregnant or breastfeeding, you must report this to the relevant supervisory authority.

Radiation protection officer: appointment - notification

If you appoint a radiation protection officer for your company, you must notify the competent authority.

Register employees of employers based abroad or hire companies in the Minimum Wage Reporting Portal

If you are an employer based abroad and employ people in Germany, you must register them via the Minimum Wage Reporting Portal. The same applies if you borrow temporary workers...

Show persons responsible for explosives

If you are the owner of an establishment authorized to handle explosive substances and you wish to appoint a responsible person in accordance with the Explosives Act, you can...

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