Training and specialised skills

Providing basic and advanced training to your own employees is advantageous to all involved and is becoming increasingly important given the growing competition for skilled workers. Here you will find an overview of information about training and skills certification, as well as relevant government services.


Adult Education Center

Information on the offerings of the Thuringian adult education centers can be found on the pages of the cities and districts or at the Thuringian Adult Education Association.

Air transport - apply for permission to train pilots or air traffic control personnel

If you want to train flight instructors or air traffic control personnel, then you need a permit.

Air transport - applying for approval of an aviation school as a training organization

You would like to operate an aviation school as an approved training organization (ATO)? Then you need an ATO certificate.

Apply for a certificate of competence for the application of plant protection products and advice in plant protection

You would like to apply plant protection products or advise on plant protection for professional reasons? Then you need the plant protection certificate of competence in card...

Apply for a certificate of competence for the dispensing of plant protection products

You need a certificate of competence for the dispensing of plant protection products if you place plant protection products on the market on a commercial basis or want to...

Apply for clearance certificate according to explosives ordinance

If you want to participate in a If you would like to participate in a training course for the acquisition and handling of explosive substances in accordance with the Explosives...

Apprenticeship register for the skilled trades: modification or deletion of apprenticeship relationships

If a training relationship in your company changes, is terminated or dissolved, you must notify the relevant office immediately.

Apprenticeship register for the skilled trades: registration of vocational training relationships

If you take on trainees as a recognized training company, then these training relationships must be registered with the responsible chamber.

Apprenticeship roll craft: shortening or extension of the apprenticeship period

The duration of training is bindingly defined for each occupation by the respective training ordinance in accordance with the Vocational Training Act. Upon application, the...

Apprenticeships Receive advice and support

The chambers promote the implementation of vocational preparation, vocational training and vocational retraining by advising all parties involved. If you have any questions or...

Auditor - Appointment

To be appointed as a certified public accountant, you must submit an application and pass an examination.

Chartered accountant - public appointment/ swearing in

Sworn auditors must be appointed by the Chamber of Public Accountants in order to practice their profession. The appointment simultaneously establishes membership in the Chamber...

Commercial transport of passengers by road Apply for a permit

If you want to carry out commercial passenger transport on the road, then you must obtain prior authorization.

Conduct instructor aptitude test

With the instructor aptitude test, you prove that you are suitable to carry out the vocational training of trainees.

Distance learning courses - Approval of distance learning courses that are not exclusively for recreational/entertainment purposes.

All distance learning courses must be approved by the state before they can be offered. Prior to approval, distance learning courses are reviewed to determine whether the...

Distance learning courses - approval of major changes

If there are significant changes in a distance learning course, these must be approved by the competent authority. Substantial changes exist if the content, duration or...

Distance learning courses - display of distance learning courses for recreational/entertainment purposes only.

If you wish to offer distance learning courses that are solely for recreational or entertainment purposes, then you must notify the relevant authority.

Driving instructor training centers - apply for recognition

If you want to train or have trained persons who want to become driving instructors (driving instructor candidates), you need the official recognition of your company as a...

Economic experts - public appointment/swearing in

Only economic experts such as business economists work as sworn/publicly appointed economic experts. They are able to take a stand on economic issues due to their expertise and...

Educational leave in accordance with the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)

You are an employee and would like to participate in a recognized educational event according to the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)? Then you must make this claim in...

Handicrafts Register: Declaration of handicraft business manager

If the craft business manager meets the requirements, then he or she is entered in the craftsmen's register.


Home adult educationcenters (HVHS) are institutions of adult education of supra-regional importance, whose educational work is aimed at a closed group of participants with a...

Obtain certificate of instruction in the guarding trade

You must provide proof of instruction in the guarding trade if you are employed and take on guarding tasks in the guarding trade on your own responsibility.

Obtain official certificate of competence to stun or kill vertebrate animals

Killing and related activities may only be carried out by persons who have the necessary knowledge and skills (expertise).

Over-the-counter medicines Take expertise test for sale

In order to be able to offer so-called over-the-counter medicines in the trade, you must prove the corresponding expertise by passing an examination.

Pest control expertise test prove

If you want to control pests with poisons professionally, you may not just do it, but you must first inform the authorities who are responsible for this.

Private university: Recognition

You would like to run a private university? Then you need to apply for state recognition.

Professional driver education and training center - apply for recognition

If you, as the provider of a training facility, would like to offer courses for accelerated basic qualification or further training, your company must be a recognized training...

Recognition of educational events in accordance with the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)

You are the organizer of an educational event and want to have it recognized under the Thuringian Education Exemption Act? Then you must submit an application for this.

Register training contract

As an employer who employs trainees, you must register their vocational training in the register of vocational training contracts.

Road haulage Obtain proof of professional qualification to run a company

To open a company that transports goods by road, you must prove your professional qualification.

Road haulage and passenger transport: Professional driver qualification - basic qualification/accelerated basic qualification

If, as a professional driver, you carry out journeys in road haulage or passenger transport for commercial purposes on public roads, you require proof of basic qualification in...

Road passenger transport - prove professional suitability to run a business.

To open a company that transports people by road, you usually have to prove your professional suitability by passing an examination.

Road passenger transport apply for certificate of professional competence issuance

To open a company that transports passengers by road, you must prove your professional qualification. In addition to an examination, this can also be done through a managerial...

Security guarding - certificate of competence

For the permission to perform some activities in the guarding business you need a certificate of competence.

Show persons responsible for explosives

If you are the owner of an establishment authorized to handle explosive substances and you wish to appoint a responsible person in accordance with the Explosives Act, you can...

Take the dangerous goods driver exam

To transport dangerous goods by road, you must have an ADR training certificate.

Take the dangerous goods safety adviser exam

To be able to be appointed and work as a dangerous goods safety advisor, you must have a training certificate. The training certificate is issued to you by the IHK after...

Training centers for continuing education in the health and social care professions

If you would like to operate a continuing education center for continuing education in the health and social care professions regulated in Thuringia, then you must have this...

Transport of dangerous goods - Apply for recognition of training organizers for training in the transport of dangerous goods.

If you want to conduct training courses for dangerous goods drivers, you must be recognized as a training organizer by the locally responsible IHK.

Verify trader reliability for trades requiring monitoring

You would like to register or re-register a trade that requires monitoring? In this context, the trade authority checks your reliability on the basis of a certificate of good...

Vocational training - advising and reviewing training companies (advising and reviewing existing or potential training companies).

If you would like to train in your company, the office responsible for the profession and the region will advise and support you in this.

Vocational training: Trainers - certify vocational and occupational pedagogical aptitude.

According to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG), trainers may generally only provide training in recognized training occupations if they employ trainers who meet the suitability...

Weapons trade specialist examination prove

As part of the licensing procedure for commercial arms trading, you must provide proof of the relevant specialist knowledge. To do this, you take a specialist knowledge...

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