Tax return

Your tax return is due and you have all sorts of questions? You can find relevant advisory services, points of contact and information here. You can also find out about tax allowances or other tax relief options which you might be able to benefit from.


Chamber of Tax Consultants Thuringia - Tasks

The Chamber of Tax Consultants Thuringia is a corporation under public law and has the task of safeguarding the professional interests of its members as a whole and of...

Collect church tax

If you are a member of a Protestant state church or the Roman Catholic Church and you reside in or habitual residence in Thuringia, then you are subject to church tax.

Confirmation of donation (donation receipt)

Contributions (donations and membership fees) can only be taken into account for tax purposes as special expenses if the donor provides evidence of them in the form of a...

Determine income tax

Income tax is a tax levied on the income of natural persons.

Inheritance tax notice received

Here you will find information on the assessment of inheritance tax.

Notification of temporary and occasional cross-border provision of services by state-certified food chemists from other EU/EEA states.

Nationals of other EU/EEA states or of a state equated by agreement who are legally established there for the practice of the same profession as the State-certified food chemist...

Tax forms

The taxation procedure requires different forms for tax returns, tax declarations or applications and certificates, depending on the individual tax types. The Thuringian tax...

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