When you are looking for childcare, there are lots of questions to ask. Which nursery or school? What childcare options are available and how much do nurseries, after-school care and full-day schools cost? What assistance and financial support are available? You can find information and government services relating to childcare here for all age groups, from crèche for babies through nursery school and up to school.


After-school care

Here you can get information about after-school care for your child in elementary school or day care centers.

After-school care attendance of one / more children Deregistration

Here you will find information on how to deregister your child from after-school care.

After-school care registration

As a rule, after-school care registration and deregistration are carried out in writing via the management of the respective elementary school. The daily duration of the child's...

All-day schools

According to the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany, all-day schools are schools in which,...

Apply for care in a day care center

If you can't make sure your child is doing well in your home, then your child may live in an assisted living facility temporarily or for a longer period of time.

Apply for educational assistance or caregiver aide

Your child has problems in everyday life or in his development? You as a parent cannot help your child alone? Then an educational advisor can support your child.

Apply for exemption from the fee for day care facilities for children

If you receive social benefits, you may be exempt from the parental contribution for attendance at a kindergarten or day care center.

Apply for help for young adults

Young adults sometimes have difficulties living independently and without help from others. For people between the ages of 18 and 27, there is so-called "assistance for young...

Apply for integration assistance for mentally handicapped children and adolescents according to § 35a SGB VIII

Do you have a child with a disability? Then you can apply for integration assistance.

Apply for intensive individual socio-educational support

Adolescents and young adults in difficult life situations can get help to become more independent and better able to cope in society.

Apply for recognition of equivalence of foreign school-leaving qualifications

If you have obtained a school-leaving qualification abroad and live in Thuringia, or would like to start vocational training in Thuringia, you can apply for recognition of the...

Apply for reduction of the fee for day care facilities for children

If they receive social benefits, they usually do not have to pay parental contributions for the care of their child/children in a kindergarten or in day care.

Apply for social pedagogical family assistance

You as a family or as a single parent need support to cope with your everyday family life? Then socio-pedagogical family assistance is an option for you. The socio-pedagogical...

Change after school care

Here you will find information on how to change your personal data or how to adjust the care times of your child's school or vacation home.

Child helpline

In case of difficulties and emergency situations of children and adolescents, the children's emergency hotline is available to them nationwide as a central point of contact.

Child welfare endangerment

You can contact the Youth Welfare Office with questions or reports on the subject of child welfare endangerment.

Educational Support

If the welfare of a child or young person is at risk, the Youth Welfare Office can provide educational assistance. You can find out more about this here.

Educational, marriage, family and life counseling

In case of problems in the family and questions about upbringing, you can take advantage of the advice provided by educational and family counseling centers.

Extracurricular youth education: Promotion

The public youth welfare organizations promote extracurricular youth education in order to enable young people to recognize themselves, their personal and social living...

Family recreation - promotion municipal

Under certain conditions, you can receive funding for your family vacation. You can find information about this here.

Full-time care - upbringing in a foster family

If you as a foster carer would like to take a foreign child into your family for a certain period of time or for a longer period of time and take care of and raise it, the Youth...

General social service

Within the framework of the protection of children and young people, measures are offered to protect them from danger.

German School Abroad - Registration

Would you like to register your child at a German school abroad? Find out here about registering at a German school abroad.

Get general information about compulsory education

You will receive basic information on compulsory education and the fundamental regulations. All special exceptional cases will not be dealt with comprehensively.

Get general information about the school vacations

Here you can get information about the dates of the school vacations in the Free State of Thuringia.

Have fees for after-school care determined

Here you can get information about the setting of the after-school fees.

Home Care

You can apply for a place in a home if you are in a special needs situation.

Home Supervision

Inpatient facilities within the meaning of the Thuringian Housing and Participation Act (ThürWTG) are facilities that serve the purpose of accommodating older people, people in...

Household cheque for mini-jobs in private households Implementation

If you employ domestic help on a mini-job basis, you must register them using the household cheque procedure.

International youth work/ international youth exchange: funding

The public youth welfare organizations promote the personal encounter of young people from different countries, their learning and working together, the exchange of experiences...

Media harmful to minors Indexing

If you, as an authority or youth welfare organization, consider the content of a medium to be harmful to minors, you can apply to the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to...

Offers of the youth social work

If you need support and advice, for example in the transition from school to work or in personal questions and problems, there are various measures and projects that can help...

Pupil travel costs

If you would like to be reimbursed for your child's travel costs to and from school, you must apply to the relevant authority.

Recreation for children and young people: promotion

The public sponsors of youth welfare can promote attractive leisure activities for children, adolescents and young adults (up to 21 years of age) during the school...

Register child in KiTa

You want to register your child at a KiTa? There is a legal entitlement to so-called early childhood development when the child is 1 year old. Places for early childhood...

Register child with childminder

You want to register your child with a childminder? There is a legal entitlement to so-called early childhood development when the child is 1 year old. Places for early...

Register children for after school care

Here you will find information on how to register your child for after-school care.

Request education in a day group

Your child has problems in everyday life or in his development? As a parent, do you need support in raising your child? Then educating your child in a day group can be a...

Request participation in social group work

Some children and young people have difficulties in their personal development. It is difficult for them to approach other children, to get involved in groups or to cope with...

Request school psychological counseling

The School Psychological Service offers psychological counseling for educators, parents and students of all state schools in Thuringia.

School - Performance evaluation

In schools, grades are assigned to evaluate performance.

School enrollment examination

Prior to enrollment in school, the health department conducts an enrollment examination of children.

School of the Second Way of Education

At a college you can catch up on the Abitur via the second educational path.

School surveys

If you would like to conduct scientific studies at schools in Thuringia, you must first apply for permission to do so.

Special school

In Thuringia, there are regional support centers with the special needs areas of learning, language, and emotional and social development that work as network support centers...


Truancy is defined as recurrent or prolonged and usually unexcused absences from school. Occasional truancy can also be truancy. Truancy is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of...

Vacation offers

School vacations are nice, but in summer they are also quite long. If you are threatened by boredom, you should look for keywords such as "vacation offers", "offers for...

Youth work

Here you can find information about youth work.

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