Cross-border business activities

Are you working in another EU country? Or would you like to temporarily or occasionally practise your profession in Germany or offer your services here? Here you will find out what you need to bear in mind.


Chamber of architects - right to use protected professional titles by foreign companies

A company that has neither its registered office nor a branch in Germany (foreign company) and moves to Thuringia for the temporary or occasional provision of services in the...

Handicrafts Register: Notification of temporary provision of services according to § 8 EU EWR HwV

If you are a craftsman or craftswoman from a member state of the EU, another contracting state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and wish to carry out temporary work in Germany, you must notify the competent authority.

Mobile ICT Card Renewal Request

As a Mobiler ICT card holder, you can apply for its renewal under certain conditions

Notification of temporary and occasional cross-border provision of services by state-certified food chemists from other EU/EEA states.

Nationals of other EU/EEA states or of a state equated by agreement who are legally established there for the practice of the same profession as the State-certified food chemist...

Veterinary surgeon - temporary exercise of the profession in the context of the provision of services under European law - report

If you are a veterinarian, you are allowed to carry out your activity in Germany as a service provider for the temporary and occasional practice of the profession even without a license or permit. However, you must report this to the competent authority.

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