Construction planning

Whether your premises are located in a mixed-use neighbourhood, an industrial district or a protected historic building, here you will find government services, contacts at public authorities, and information about relevant experts for different industries.


Apply for permission for earth excavation

If you are planning to drill a deep borehole or an outcrop of earth for geothermal use with a vertical geothermal probe, you will need permission from your local water authority.

Archaeological Heritage

Soil monuments are movable or immovable objects that are evidence, remains or traces of human culture (archaeological monuments) or animal or plant life (paleontological monument...

Building - Acceptance for use of a temporary building

You must notify the competent authority of the erection of a temporary structure.

Building - Application for a certificate for the division of land

If a plot of land is to be divided, you can apply for a certificate for the division of land.

Building - application for an exemption from a change restriction to secure urban land use planning

You can apply for an exemption from a change restriction to secure urban land use planning if overriding public interests do not conflict with this.

Building - application for building permit / for permit exemption

If new buildings are erected, changes are made to buildings or their use is changed, a building permit is required. The building permit procedure is carried out by the lower building authorities. Smaller building projects are exempt under certain conditions.

Building - Application for change of use of buildings

A change of use is a change to the approved type of use of a building. When registering a business, for example, it is advisable to obtain information from the building supervisory authority in advance.

Building - Application for extension of the building permit/preliminary building permit

The extension of a building permit can also be applied for repeatedly at the lower building supervisory authority.

Building - application for partial building permit

To be able to start construction before a building permit is issued, you can apply for a partial building permit.

Building - Application for preliminary building permit / preliminary building application

Before submitting a building application, you can clarify final questions by means of a so-called preliminary building application. You must apply for this to the relevant authority.

Building - Application for registration of a building encumbrance in the register of building encumbrances

Construction encumbrances are declarations of obligation under public law by which the respective property owners undertake to do, tolerate or refrain from doing something on their property.

Building - Display of the building status

At the request of the building supervisory authority, you must report the start and completion of certain construction work.

Building - Display of the site manager

As the building owner, you must inform the responsible authority of the name of the site manager.

Building - get advice on building regulations

In certain cases, you can obtain advice from the lower building supervisory authority on individual legal requirements for your building project.

Building - indication of commencement of use

You must notify the competent authority of the use of an installation.

Building - Request for information / inspection / excerpt from the register of building encumbrances

If you demonstrate a legitimate interest, you can inspect the register of building encumbrances and obtain copies.

Chamber of Engineers - Entry in the list of engineers authorized to submit building documents

If you are an engineer and would like to obtain a building design authorization, you can, if you meet the requirements, be entered in the list of list of engineers authorized to submit building documents.

Construction - Application for type approval of structural systems with the same design

Structural installations or parts of structural installations that are subject to mandatory inspection and that are erected or used in the same design at several locations must be inspected by an inspection authority with regard to their stability.

Construction - notification of exemption from approval of a construction project

You do not need a building permit for certain construction projects. Instead of a building permit, only a notification is required. For this you need a permit exemption.

Construction - Notification of the removal of a structure

You must notify the building supervisory authority in advance of the removal of buildings, including structural installations.

Construction - Notification of the start of construction

Before you start building work, you must notify the competent authority.

Construction - Notification of the structural engineer for the removal of buildings and other structures

In the case of non-detached buildings, the stability of buildings to which the building to be removed is attached must be assessed and monitored by a qualified structural engineer. You must notify the building supervisory authority of the name of this person.

Discharge of wastewater into private wastewater systems Exemption from the permit requirement

You would like to discharge wastewater into a private wastewater system and be exempted from the permit requirement? Then an application for exemption from the permit requirement must be submitted to the competent authority of the respective federal state.

Earth excavation - Indicate work with direct or indirect impact on groundwater.

You want to carry out drilling or other earthworks that may influence the movements or the quality of the groundwater? Then you must notify the competent authority in advance.

Earth excavation - Show work with an unintended groundwater development.

You have already indicated a well and have unintentionally encountered groundwater? Then you must inform the competent authority.

Exercise the right of first refusal of the municipality

The municipal right of first refusal enables the municipality to acquire land for urban development purposes in order to influence its future structural and other use.

Explosive ordnance disposal

Anyone who finds explosive ordnance, such as ammunition, bombs or grenades, must report this immediately to the competent authority.

Land surveying implementation

Do you want to determine the course of a parcel boundary on site, check boundary markers or re-mark boundary points? For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for a boundary reconstruction, if necessary with demarcation, or a boundary notification at the responsible office.

Market value according to BauGB determination / property value determination

Do you need the value of a property for purchase negotiations, family law matters or inheritance disputes, for example? Submit an application for a market value appraisal to the relevant office of the expert committee.

Nature conservation: compensation and replacement measures

Projects that unavoidably affect nature must be balanced out by nature conservation and landscape management measures.

Obtain hiking maps and special maps

Purchase / purchase of hiking maps / special maps (thematic overview maps)

Obtain historical topographic maps

Purchase of historical topographic maps

Obtain topographic maps

Geoinformation can be obtained via the geoportals of the administrations.

Open geodata: Raster data

Open geodata: Raster data DTK 10 / 25 / 50 and 100; ÜKTh250N / GTh250

Order the cessation or removal of an earth excavation

Are you carrying out deep drilling or other earthworks? Then in certain cases the authority can require you to stop or remove the earth excavation.

Parcel of land formation by merging; request for land unification certification

You want to unite several plots of land into one or merge several parcels of land into one? For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for a union of plots of land or a merger of parcels of land at the competent office.

Plan approval

Plan approval is a formal administrative procedure for the binding official determination of a plan. It regulates all public-law relationships between the project sponsor and the...

Recreation and entering the open countryside

Access to the open countryside on roads and paths as well as on unused ground areas for the purpose of recreation is permitted to all and is governed by for the forest...

Regional plan preparation and amendment - information provision

In addition to participation in planning procedures for spatial planning and plan approval, citizens and public interest groups have the opportunity to inspect established plans or plan approval decisions.

Show construction of an animal enclosure

You must notify the lower nature conservation authority of the construction of animal enclosures.

Show earth excavation

You want to carry out drilling or other earthworks? Then you must notify the competent authority in advance.

Special use of roads - request change of a sidewalk crossing

If your property driveway is a sidewalk crossing, you can modify it by request.

For example, by making a curb drop.

This is to improve the street entrance and street exit at the property.

Special use of roads - requesting maintenance of a sidewalk crossing.

Existing sidewalk crossings must be maintained.

You will need a permit for major maintenance of the sidewalk crossing.

Special use of roads - requesting the construction of a sidewalk crossing

The purpose of the sidewalk crossing is to provide good vehicular access to a property from the street. If you are planning a project that requires the curb to be lowered, you will need a permit to construct a sidewalk crossing.

Special use of streets - consent obtained for the construction, alteration, or maintenance of a sidewalk crossing

If you plan to construct, alter, or maintain a right-of-way crossing, you will need approval from the appropriate office in your city or town.

Traffic sign - request installation (StVO)

Traffic control measures, such as the erection of traffic signs, are ordered by the road traffic authorities.

Vector data

Obtain vector data (Digital Landscape Model - DLM)

Wastewater discharge into water bodies Apply for approval to start early

You would like to discharge wastewater into a surface water body and / or into groundwater via infiltration before the permit is granted? Then you must apply for approval of the early start of water use.

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