Workplace safety

Protecting employees and minimising dangers: Do you need information about special regulations concerning working hours? Does your business work with hazardous substances or facilities? From special permissions to health certification, here you will find an overview of administrative information and services concerning occupational safety and health.


Application for permission according to § 15 Biosubstances Ordinance

For the activity with certain biosubstances you need the permission of the competent body.

Construction site announcement

Under certain conditions, you must submit the advance notice of a construction site to the responsible office. You can find information on this here.

Display home office with special hazard protection regulations

If you are a company that provides work from home in accordance with the Home Work Act and is subject to special health and safety regulations, you must notify the competent authority.

Factory Inspectorate

The term "Factory Inspectorate" is synonymous with the more modern term "Occupational Safety and Health", which is used not only in Thuringia. For further information see...

Fire protection

The duty bearers are the municipalities for fire protection and general assistance, the counties for supralocal fire protection and supralocal general assistance as well as...

Hazardous substances: Accident in the company - obligation to notify

As an entrepreneur, you must immediately report accidents or operational malfunctions caused by activities involving hazardous substances to the responsible authority.

Keeping and sending home work lists

You must identify all persons you employ in home office work and those persons through whom you pass on home office work in lists and submit these lists to the competent authority every six months.

Notifications for the performance of demolition and renovation work with asbestos or materials containing asbestos on or in existing plants, buildings or vehicles (Annex I No. 2.4.2 Ordinance on Hazardous Substances)

According to Annex I No. 2.4.2 of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, demolition and renovation work on or in existing plants, buildings or vehicles containing weakly bound...

Occupational safety and health

Here you will find information on occupational health and safety.

Use of work equipment Display accident

Has a person been seriously injured or even died in your company? Then you must report this.

Use of work equipment Granting exemptions from the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health

You are an employer and certain protective measures of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health can only be implemented at great expense to you and are not proportionate? Then it is possible to apply for an exemption from these.

Work equipment Show damage case when used

If damage has occurred in your plant due to the failure of components or safety-related equipment, you must report this to the responsible authority.

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