Advisory services and networks

What will your business plan be like? What legal form will your business take? How will it be funded? Planning to start a business raises many questions. Do you need assistance? A broad range of support and funding is available. You will find advisory services and relevant professional networks here.


Advice on business succession

If you have any questions about business succession, you can take advantage of the advice provided by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Business start-up promotion

There are a variety of funding opportunities for start-ups.

Business startup consulting

If you have any questions about setting up your own business, you can seek advice from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

represents the overall interest of the IHK member companies represents economic interests and campaigns for better economic conditions acts on the local and state level as...

Differentiation between trade/industry/commerce/services

If you are unsure whether your company belongs to the IHK or HWK, you can seek advice from the respective chambers.

EC Services Directive

The EC Services Directive is intended to simplify procedures and formalities throughout Europe.

Energy consulting

At the energy consultation you will receive information and advice on the subject of energy saving or energy-saving construction.

IHK Cooperation Exchange

The IHK cooperation exchange contains advertisements from companies and institutions throughout Germany that offer cooperation in specific business areas. Cooperation with other...

Occupational safety and health

Here you will find information on occupational health and safety.

Single point of contact for start-ups and entrepreneurs Administrative procedures via a single point of contact Handling

If you want to do business or work in Germany, the single points of contact will inform you about legal requirements and help you complete administrative procedures quickly and easily online.

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