Tax return

Your tax return is due and you have all sorts of questions? You can find relevant advisory services, points of contact and information here. You can also find out about tax allowances or other tax relief options which you might be able to benefit from.


Apply for a residence certificate under a treaty for the avoidance of double taxation

If you, as a taxable (legal) entity, generate foreign income from a country with which an agreement for the avoidance of double taxation exists, a certificate of residence may be required for submission to a foreign tax authority. may be required.

Apply for change of tax classes during marriage or civil partnership

As a spouse and as a civil partner, you have three possible tax class combinations at your disposal. You are free to choose from these.

Apply for lump sum for caregiver

For long-term care services, you can apply for a long-term care lump sum.

Apply for lump sum for disabled people

You can apply for a disability allowance for costs due to a disability.

Apply for lump sum for surviving dependents

In the case of survivor's benefits, you can claim a survivor's lump sum.

Chamber of Tax Consultants Thuringia - Tasks

The Chamber of Tax Consultants Thuringia is a corporation under public law and has the task of safeguarding the professional interests of its members as a whole and of monitoring...

Change in church tax deduction upon joining the church

When you join or re-join a church, you are obliged to pay church tax. The procedure for this is largely automated.

Change of church tax deduction in case of leaving the church

Leaving the church eliminates the obligation to pay church tax. The procedure for this is largely automated.

Change tax class after resumption of marital or civil partnership union

If you are no longer permanently separated from your spouse/life partner, you are again entitled to the tax class combination III/V, IV/IV or IV/IV with factor.

Claim allowances for child over 18

  • You can also claim a child allowance for a child over the age of 18.

Claim allowances for child under 18

  • For a child under 18 years old, you can claim a child allowance.

Collect church tax

If you are a member of a Protestant state church or the Roman Catholic Church and you reside in or habitual residence in Thuringia, then you are subject to church tax.

Confirmation of donation (donation receipt)

Contributions (donations and membership fees) can only be taken into account for tax purposes as special expenses if the donor provides evidence of them in the form of a donation...

Determine income tax

Income tax is a tax levied on the income of natural persons.

Electronic wage tax deduction characteristics (ELStAM) Request change

If there are any changes to your ELStAM, you must notify the relevant authority in good time. You can find information on this here.

Gift tax notice received

Here you will find information on the assessment of gift tax.

Inheritance tax notice received

Here you will find information on the assessment of inheritance tax.

Notification of temporary and occasional cross-border provision of services by state-certified food chemists from other EU/EEA states.

Nationals of other EU/EEA states or of a state equated by agreement who are legally established there for the practice of the same profession as the State-certified food chemist...

Offsetting and reimbursement of deductions for construction work

Have you provided construction services for a company or a public corporation and construction withholding tax was withheld on your consideration? If so, you can apply for a refund of the tax deducted under certain conditions.

Request certificate for payroll tax deduction

Tax office can issue certificate for wage tax deduction if retrieval of electronic wage tax deduction characteristics (ELStAM) is not possible.

Request tax class change for single parents

If you are single and your household includes at least one child for whom you are entitled to the child allowance or child benefit, you can apply for consideration of the relief amount for single parents.

Tax class - change upon marriage

You do not want to keep the tax class combination IV/IV automatically assigned upon marriage? Then you and your wife or husband can apply for a tax class change at your responsible tax office.

Tax class - change upon separation

You live permanently separated as part of a marriage or civil partnership? Then the spouse-related tax class combinations are no longer possible from the year after the separation.

Tax deduction for construction services Exemption

Do you provide a construction service in Germany to another entrepreneur or to a legal entity under public law and they have to pay construction withholding tax on the consideration? Then you can apply for exemption from tax liability.

Tax forms

Different forms for tax returns, tax declarations or applications and certificates are required for the taxation procedure, depending on the individual types of tax. The...

Tax office

The tax offices are responsible for assessing and collecting taxes. Almost all concerns can be raised and information provided in the telephone service area.

View electronic wage tax deduction characteristics

The electronic wage tax characteristics (ELStAM) used for wage tax deduction are shown in the wage statement and can be viewed in various ways.

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