Studying at university level

What is a numerus clausus? How can I apply for a sabbatical semester? If you are studying at a university or would like to do so, this is the place for you. You will find information and services linked to university studies, from registering at a university and allocation of places to de-registering.


Application for studies with foreign school and university leaving certificates

If you apply to study at a Thuringian university with foreign certificates, it will be checked whether you have the necessary requirements for admission to this university.

Apply for a place to study medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy

If you are interested in a study place in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry or pharmacy, you must apply via Hochschulstart.

Apply for a residence permit for the purpose of studying

If you want to study in Germany as a non-EU citizen, you can get a residence permit if you meet certain requirements.

Apply for a residence permit to look for a job after completing your studies

If you have successfully completed your studies in Germany, you can apply for a residence permit for up to 18 months to find a job that matches your qualifications.

Apply for admission to the teacher training program

If you have completed a teaching degree (1st state examination or teaching-related master's degree) or an equivalent degree and would like to work in the Thuringian school service, you must complete the preparatory service (2nd state examination).

Apply for BAföG abroad

Do you want to study abroad, do an internship or complete a school education? Find out about financial support here.

Apply for BAföG to study

You can receive financial support for your studies or internship if your parents do not have a higher income or you have already been working for a longer period of time independently of your parents. This support is called BAföG.

Apply for energy price flat rate for students, (vocational) technical students

Under certain conditions, if you were enrolled at a university or (vocational) college in Germany on 01.12.2022, you can receive a one-off flat-rate energy allowance. You must apply for this.

Apply for enrollment to study at the university

Apply for enrollment and have it confirmed with a certificate.

Apply for guest student status at a university

Would you like to attend individual courses at a university without being enrolled? You can apply for guest auditor status.

Apply for leave of absence from studies

Do you want or need to interrupt your studies? Apply for a leave of absence at your university.

Apply for university admission for local admission restricted study places

If you are interested in a study place in a restricted-admission program, you must register with Hochschulstart and participate in the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure.

Apprenticeship and internship exchange

The apprenticeship and internship exchange facilitates the regional and national search for your desired occupation and the right training company. The IHKs show you which offers...

Archive demand

If you have a justified interest, you can obtain access to the archive records of the various archives in Thuringia.

Civil servant training in the higher non-technical service

The Senior Civil Service in the State Administration of the Free State of Thuringia A large number of tasks in local government as well as in the state general administration ar...

Civil service training in the middle non-technical service

Aim of the training The aim of the training is to provide the candidate in a preparatory service with the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed to perform the...

Education funding: announce changes

Do you experience financial changes while receiving BAföG? You must notify us of these changes.

Education loan approval

One option for financing education for students and pupils is a time-limited, low-interest education loan. Your income and assets or those of your parents do not play a role....

Education voucher issuance

You can apply for an education voucher, but you are not legally entitled to one. If you meet the requirements, the employment agency can issue such a voucher. The educatio...

Get information about access to study without a university entrance qualification

If you meet certain requirements, you can gain access to certain courses of study as a vocationally qualified person without a school-based university entrance qualification.

Get information about the semester fee

All students are required to pay a semester fee before the start of a semester. Only after receipt of the correct current amount, the enrollment or re-registration for the studies in the respective semester takes place.

Gifted and Talented

Support for the gifted in Germany consists mainly of state-funded study grants awardedby gifted support organizations and foundations to particularly gifted students, usually in...

Have de-registration certified

Do you want or need to terminate your studies? Then you can apply for de-registration at your university.

Have previous periods of study and academic achievements recognized

If you would like to have previous periods of study and academic achievements recognized and credited to your current or newly chosen degree program, you can apply for this at the university.

Information about applying to study at a university

You would like to study at a university? Then you have to register online in the application portal of the university of your choice and then apply.


In libraries you can research information and borrow media.

Medical studies Recognize periods of study and academic achievements

You have already studied medicine abroad for a few semesters and would now like to change universities? Find out more here.

Repaying a BAföG loan

If you received BAföG support during your studies, you must repay the loan portion.

Report change of personal data to the university

If your personal data have changed, you must notify your university so that certificates and graduation documents can be issued and delivered correctly.

School vocational training

School-based vocational training means that both practical and theoretical training takes place in a school. It is supplemented by internships. The training lasts between two and...

Study abroad

Here you will find information on the various options for studying abroad.

Training grant approval

The educational support according to enables young people, regardless of their social and economic situation, to complete a school or university education that corresponds to...

Training support counseling

You are unable to finance your training or studies yourself and would like advice on the funding options available under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG)? The Office...

Tuition fees

In Thuringia, state universities do not currently charge regular tuition fees.

Vocational guidance

Making the right decision is not easy - especially when it concerns the choice of career and thus one's own future. Many questions arise on the way to professional life. That's...

Vocational guidance

If you need help in choosing from various training opportunities or would like more information about individual occupations, please contact the Vocational Information Center (BI...

Vocational training in the dual system

The dual system is the core of vocational training in Germany. It is characterized by the interaction of training companies and vocational schools. As equal partners, both place...

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