Buying, renting and leaseholds

Have you found a good location close to your customers? Property ownership, liens and rights concerning commercial properties are documented in the land register (Grundbuch) or the cadastral register (Liegenschaftsbuch) or cadastral map (Liegenschaftskarte).


Apply for an extract from the real estate map (parcel map)

Information on applying for an extract from the real estate map (parcel map).

Building - notification of a temporary building and application for a building permit

Before operating your temporary structures, you must have them inspected for safety and apply for a permit for public use.

Certificate in tax matters

If you need a certificate in tax matters, then you must apply for its issuance to the competent authority.

Certificate of No Objection

Do you want to sell or acquire a piece of land? Certificates of no objection help to simplify the enforcement of a change of title to a plot of land. Keywords are right of way, pipeline right, mortgage right.


A conveyance is a declaration of agreement between the seller and the buyer of a property. Both must submit this declaration of agreement in the simultaneous presence of a notar...

Decomposition measurement

You want to divide / separate a parcel (property)? To do this, it is necessary to apply for a decomposition survey at the locally responsible office.

Determine real estate transfer tax

If you realize a legal transaction that relates to a domestic property, it is generally subject to real estate transfer tax.

Entry in the land register

Registration of ownership of a plot of land or encumbrances and restrictions located on a plot of land

Expropriation of land

Expropriation is a form of state access to land or to rights to the land.

Issue certificate of identity for parcels of land

Certificates of identity are required by land owners, holders of rights, persons affected by rights, authorities or courts when land register entries, deeds and so on refer to parcels that no longer exist.

Land consolidation

Land consolidation = combination of appropriate reorganization of land ownership with investments in infrastructure in rural areas

Obtain hiking maps and special maps

Purchase / purchase of hiking maps / special maps (thematic overview maps)

Obtain historical topographic maps

Purchase of historical topographic maps

Obtain topographic maps

Geoinformation can be obtained via the geoportals of the administrations.

Open geodata: Raster data

Open geodata: Raster data DTK 10 / 25 / 50 and 100; ÜKTh250N / GTh250

Parcel of land formation by merging; request for land unification certification

You want to unite several plots of land into one or merge several parcels of land into one? For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for a union of plots of land or a merger of parcels of land at the competent office.

Receive information on purchase price collection

Do you need suitable purchase prices to determine the value of a property? Submit an application for information from the purchase price collection to the relevant office of the expert committee.

Registering an authorized person to correct the land register

Registering an authorized person to correct the land register

Registering heritable building rights to several properties or heritable building rights

The hereditary building right is the right, usually against payment of a so-called ground rent, to erect a building on a plot of land that belongs to someone else.

Sale or auction of land, buildings and objects from ownership, fiscal inheritance and appropriation rights of the Free State of Thuringia

Citizens and companies can acquire state-owned land and buildings that the state no longer needs to fulfill its tasks. Furthermore, appropriation rights to ownerless land can be...

Vector data

Obtain vector data (Digital Landscape Model - DLM)

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