For loved ones, death brings not only mourning but in many cases also a major organisational challenge. Who needs to be informed of the death? How do you plan a funeral? Here you will find information about burial, funerals, and the necessary formalities.



In principle, burial is possible no earlier than 48 hours after the occurrence of death and must be carried out no later than 10 days after the determination of death. Bodies can...

Death - show

You are required to report the death of a person to the appropriate registrar's office if this has not been done by an institution or the funeral home.

Death abroad Notarization

You can have a death abroad subsequently entered in the German death register.

Death abroad Notarization of deaths on sea-going vessels

You can apply for the subsequent certification of a death on a foreign sea-going vessel in a German death register at the competent German registry office.

Death abroad Notarization of Germans without domestic residence

If a German citizen dies abroad without residing in Germany, you can have the death subsequently certified at the competent German registry office under certain conditions.

Mortuary passport - exhibition

If you need a mortuary passport, then you can apply for its issuance at the competent authority.

Permission for reburial of corpses or urns Issuance

For the Transferring a body or urn to another cemetery or grave site requires a permit.

Request death certificate of a relative

In the event of death, you as the relatives of the deceased can apply for a death certificate.

Request excavation of corpses and urns

If you want to have a body or urn excavated for an important reason, you need permission from the relevant authority.

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