Civic engagement and participation

Civic engagement is a cornerstone of democracy. It improves quality of life and creates a feeling of community. This section provides information and support to help you play an active role in your community.


Applying for compensation for work on the Vocational Training Committee

Members of the Audit Committee and the Vocational Training Committee receive compensation.


Here you can get information if you want to found an association.

Census 2022 in Thuringia

In 2022, a population, building and housing census will take place in the Federal Republic of Germany and thus also in Thuringia.

Citizen participation

The opportunities for citizen participation are derived from Articles 20 (2) and 28 (1) of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz - GG) and Articles 45 and 93 of the Constitution of the Free...

Citizens Advice

The Citizens' Advice Service will help you if you need to clarify or settle something with a public institution. It acts as an intermediary between you as a citizen and the...

Citizens' Initiatives

A citizens' initiative is a community founded on the basis of a specific cause. It does not have a specific legal form. The goal of a citizens' initiative is to influence public...

Extracurricular youth education: Promotion

The public youth welfare organizations promote extracurricular youth education in order to enable young people to recognize themselves, their personal and social living condition...

Federal Volunteer Service (BFD)

The new Federal Volunteer Service offers citizens the opportunity to get involved in social, cultural, ecological or other fields of activity oriented toward the common good. Th...

Fire and disaster protection: Volunteer work

In Thuringia, voluntary fire departments and the private aid organizations involved in disaster control perform voluntary work in fire protection and disaster control. Persons...

Foundation recognition

If you want to establish a foundation, then you need the recognition of the competent authority.

Granting of legal capacity as an economic association (w. V.)

Anyone can establish an economic association. However, this is not equal to the widespread form of the e. V., but this own legal form is state-awarded under certain conditions by the Thuringian Ministry of the Interior and Local Government.

Guardianship association (guardianship) - recognition

Do you want to operate a guardianship association? Then you must have it recognized.

Hold a residents' meeting

Here you will find information on how to hold residents' meetings.

International youth work/ international youth exchange: funding

The public youth welfare organizations promote the personal encounter of young people from different countries, their learning and working together, the exchange of experiences a...


Memorials are places with a strong connection to a memorable event or a person worth remembering, which have been structurally or horticulturally designed into a monument or...

Military and civilian service: maintenance assurance

To meet their basic needs, conscripted military or civilian service members and their family members receive benefits under the Maintenance Act (Unterhaltssicherungsgesetz, USG)....

Military service: conscription

On 01.07.2011, the 2011 Act Amending the Law on Military Service came into force. After more than 50 years of compulsory military service, conscription will henceforth be waive...

Offers of the youth social work

If you need support and advice, for example in the transition from school to work or in personal questions and problems, there are various measures and projects that can help you cope with your everyday life.

Official gazette publication

Official gazettes are published by municipalities to publicly announce bylaws and official notices required by law and to provide information about other official notices.

Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Cross of Merit)

The Federal Cross of Merit can be awarded by the Federal President for special services to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Petition to the Thuringian Parliament

The Petitions Committee formed by the Thuringian State Parliament decides on the civil requests and complaints submitted to it, the so-called petitions.

Public meeting - register

If you want to hold a public open-air assembly or a procession, then you must register this with the relevant authority.

Requests to the Ombudsman

The Ombudsman is the point of contact and advisor for citizens in all matters relating to public administration. His task is to protect their rights vis-à-vis the public...

Senior citizens' representation/senior citizens' office

In many municipalities, senior citizens' representatives and senior citizens' offices advocate for the interests of senior citizens.

Thuringia year

In Thuringia, the Voluntary Social Year, Voluntary Ecological Year and Voluntary Cultural Year were combined to form the Thuringia Year. The Thuringia Year offers interested...

Village renewal and development - applying for funding

Do you want to upgrade your community structurally or with the help of a holistic concept? Do you want a village community center for your community? Do you want to preserve and convert historic buildings? Then apply for funding for village renewal and development.

Voluntary Ecological Year

See Thuringia year

Voluntary military service (FWD)

Compulsory military service has been suspended since July 1, 2011 until further notice. From this date, the Bundeswehr offers interested young men and women from the age of 18...

Voluntary social year

See Thuringia Year

Women's Centers

The women's centers funded by the Free State of Thuringia are places of encounter, communication, information, politics, culture and counseling. With their range of services, the...

Youth work

Here you can find information about youth work.

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