Further education

You’re never too old to learn! Further education, retraining, completing your school education as an adult, or doing a part-time university degree can improve your career options. But how does professional development work and what financial support is available? You will find information on the topic of further education and retraining here.


Adult Education Center

Information on the offerings of the Thuringian adult education centers can be found on the pages of the cities and districts or at the Thuringian Adult Education Association.

Application for appointment as a tax consultant

In addition to special professional qualifications, personal aptitude is a prerequisite for working as a tax consultant. The chambers of tax consultants check this personal aptitude as part of the appointment procedure for tax consultants. The appointment can be applied for here.

Apply for a residence permit for education and training purposes

Regardless of your qualifications, you can obtain a residence permit to complete in-company vocational training or continuing education in Germany.

Apply for Aufstiegs-BAföG

If you are continuing your education, you can receive financial support under the Upgrading Training Assistance Act (Aufstiegsfortbildungsförderungsgesetz, AFBG) under certain conditions.

Apprenticeship and internship exchange

The apprenticeship and internship exchange facilitates the regional and national search for your desired occupation and the right training company. The IHKs show you which offers...

Auditor - Appointment

To be appointed as a certified public accountant, you must submit an application and pass an examination.

Chartered accountant - public appointment/ swearing in

Sworn auditors must be appointed by the Chamber of Public Accountants in order to practice their profession. The appointment simultaneously establishes membership in the Chamber...

Economic experts - public appointment/swearing in

Only economic experts such as business economists work as sworn/publicly appointed economic experts. They are able to take a stand on economic issues due to their expertise and...

Educational leave in accordance with the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)

You are an employee and would like to participate in a recognized educational event according to the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)? Then you must make this claim in writing to your employer.

Have pre-qualification (degree and/or professional experience) certified for AufstiegsBAföG

In order for your advanced vocational training to be funded by the Upgrading BAföG, you must provide proof of the professional qualification (degree and/or professional experience) required for admission to the examination.


Home adult educationcenters (HVHS) are institutions of adult education of supra-regional importance, whose educational work is aimed at a closed group of participants with a...

Obtain proof of successful participation in training for the security industry

You must provide proof of training in the security industry if you are employed and take on security tasks in the security industry on your own responsibility.

Recognition of educational events in accordance with the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)

You are the organizer of an educational event and want to have it recognized under the Thuringian Education Exemption Act? Then you must submit an application for this.

Register for an examination of expertise for the trade in over-the-counter medicines

In order to be able to offer so-called over-the-counter medicines in the trade, you must prove the corresponding expertise by passing an examination.

Residence permit for education and training purposes Apply for extension

You must extend your residence permit, which was issued to you for education and training purposes, in good time if you wish to continue your education or training in Germany.

Submit proof of successful completion of the security guard and security industry proficiency test

You must pass the security guarding proficiency test in order to carry out particularly conflict-prone and sensitive security activities or to be allowed to operate a security business.

Take the dangerous goods driver test

To transport dangerous goods by road, you must have an ADR training certificate.

Tax consulting company - recognition

You want to establish a tax consulting company? Find out here what you need to consider.

Vocational guidance

Making the right decision is not easy - especially when it concerns the choice of career and thus one's own future. Many questions arise on the way to professional life. That's...

Vocational guidance

If you need help in choosing from various training opportunities or would like more information about individual occupations, please contact the Vocational Information Center (BI...

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