Subsidies for energy and climate protection

Switching to renewable energies and increasing energy efficiency - this reduces costs and protects the environment. To make this as easy as possible, the federal, state and local governments offer a range of funding and advisory programmes for companies. You can find information on these here.


Animal welfare - apply for funding

As a livestock farmer, you can receive support for the introduction or maintenance of particularly animal-friendly husbandry methods through animal welfare promotion.

Apply for direct payments for agricultural enterprises

If they meet the relevant requirements, full-time and part-time farmers can apply for basic income support, redistributive income support, young farmer income support, coupled income support and eco-schemes via a collective application.

Compensatory allowance for disadvantaged and specific areas and for NATURA 2000 areas (AGZ, SPG, EAP) - apply for funding

If you farm at least 3 ha in a less-favored area or specific area, you can apply for a compensatory allowance for less-favored and/or specific areas. However, you must achieve a minimum funding amount of EUR 300.00 per measure.

ERDF funding for sustainable urban development and energy-efficient urban refurbishment

ERDF funding for sustainable urban development and energy-efficient urban redevelopment provides long-term, effective and visible impetus for the sustainable development of Thuringia's central locations.

KULAP 2014 - Apply for funding

You can use the KULAP 2014 program to funding for environmentally and climate-friendly agriculture, for the preservation of the cultural landscape and for nature conservation and landscape management. You must apply for funding from the responsible authority.

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