Subsidies for infrastructure, construction and housing

Housing and urban development is supported by various funding programmes, as is the modernisation of existing housing. This includes, for example, aspects such as social housing, broadband expansion, energetic restorations and accessibility for the disabled.


Apply for urban development funding

Urban development in Thuringia is financially supported by federal and state urban development programs and supplemented by state programs.

ERDF funding for sustainable urban development and energy-efficient urban refurbishment

ERDF funding for sustainable urban development and energy-efficient urban redevelopment provides long-term, effective and visible impetus for the sustainable development of Thuringia's central locations.

Housing construction Apply for subsidies for rental housing

You can receive funding for the modernization of rental housing under certain conditions.

Inland waterway transport - application for promotion of demand-oriented transport services in local road passenger transport and scheduled waterway transport services in Thuringia

Funding is provided to public transport authorities for the provision of demand-oriented local transport services in streetcar and bus transport, including bus routes of importance to the state, as well as regular services on inland waterways.

Revitalization of brownfield sites - apply for funding

If you want to upgrade unsightly areas in your town, reuse a brownfield site and need financial support for demolition, unsealing and the associated subsequent use, then apply for funding for the revitalization of brownfield sites.

Village renewal and development - applying for funding

Do you want to upgrade your community structurally or with the help of a holistic concept? Do you want a village community center for your community? Do you want to preserve and convert historic buildings? Then apply for funding for village renewal and development.

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