Trade fairs, street festivals and special events

Are you planning an event – for example, one involving aviation or gambling? Do you operate an entertainment business or do you work in an itinerant trade? Here you will find government services and information about planning and authorisations for events.


Air transport - requesting permission for an air event

You would like to hold an event at your airfield where aircraft are displayed in flight or compete against each other in a competition? Then you need a permit which you must apply for at the responsible office.

Apply for permission to sell goods at trade fairs, festivals and on special occasions

Would you like to occasionally offer goods for immediate sale at trade fairs, exhibitions, public festivals or on special occasions? Then you need a permit from the competent authority and do not require a traveling trade card.

Applying for a special use permit for roads

If you want to sell goods or set up an information stand on the street, for example, this is a special use of the street. You must apply for a permit for this.

Building - Acceptance for use of a temporary building

You must notify the competent authority of the erection of a temporary structure.

Customs Passport Booklet (Carnet-A.T.A.)

The A.T.A. carnet can facilitate the temporary use of certain goods in non-EU countries.

Display of a public event

You must notify the relevant authority in advance of a public event.

Display the burning of fireworks

If you wish to set off fireworks with pyrotechnic objects, you must notify the competent authority. You will need an official certificate of competence for this.

Hiking camp display

If you wish to hold a traveling camp for the distribution of goods or services that is to be advertised by public notice, you must give notice.

Public gambling (sports betting): Permission mediation

If you wish to conduct or broker sports betting, you must apply for a permit to do so.

Public games of chance (lotteries, draws): Event - Permission

If you want to organize or mediate public gambling, then you need the permission of the competent authority beforehand.

Request participation in an event

If you wish to participate in an event as a commercial person or company, you will need a confirmation.

Show change of location of animal exhibitions and animal markets (e.g. traveling circus)

If you wish to exhibit animals at different locations, you must notify the competent authority in advance.

Special use of roads - apply for permission to restrict traffic space

For each measure that claims a restriction and special use of the public traffic space, a permit by the local road traffic authority is required.

Special use of roads - apply for permission within the locality

Do you want to use a road or parts of it in a town for something other than normal traffic?

For this you need a special use permit.

Special use of roads - apply for special permission to offer goods or services on the road

If you would like to offer goods or services on the street, you need a special permit from the road traffic authority upon application (StVO § 33 paragraph 1 number 1 and 2).

Special use of roads - applying for permission outside the village

You can also use public federal and state roads outside the built-up area for other purposes than just traffic.

As a rule, you need a special use permit for this.

Special use of roads - events in the public traffic area Application for exemption and permission

Permission must be obtained to hold events in the public street space for which the street is to be used beyond the public use for traffic.

Special use of roads - inform about traffic space restrictions

Whenever a traffic space restriction of any kind is imminent, road users and the public must be informed in good time.

Special use of roads - permission to put up posters obtained

If you want to put up posters on public roads, you need a permit.

Stand permit

If you want to operate a stand at a market, then you need a permit from the relevant authority.

Street sale - exemption

Streets are usually reserved for road traffic. There is a ban on offering goods and services. For certain individual cases, permission may be granted upon application (exceptional permission).

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