Taxes and social insurance contributions for companies

Companies can, for example, be required to pay VAT or trade tax. Certain special taxation rules also apply to cross-border business activities.


Apply for a sales tax booklet

If you operate a traveling trade as an entrepreneur, you must apply for a VAT register from the competent authority before starting your activity.

Apply for corporate income taxation for partnerships and partnership companies

As a commercial partnership or partnership company, you can apply to be treated like a corporation for income tax purposes under certain conditions.

Apply for reimbursement of fare losses on local public transport

If you, as a public transport company, transport severely disabled people and their accompanying persons, guide, assistance or assistance dogs or objects carried free of charge on local public transport, you can apply for reimbursement of fare losses.

Determine corporate income tax

Corporations are subject to corporate income tax on their taxable income.

Notification of temporary and occasional cross-border provision of services by state-certified food chemists from other EU/EEA states.

Nationals of other EU/EEA states or of a state equated by agreement who are legally established there for the practice of the same profession as the State-certified food chemist...

Pay business tax

If you operate a commercial enterprise in Germany, you are subject to trade tax and may have to pay trade tax.

Pay compensatory levy for non-employment of severely disabled persons

Employers must pay a compensatory levy if they do not employ enough severely disabled people.

Pre-register sales tax

As a company, you usually have to submit advance sales tax returns to the tax office on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Registering a company or self-employed activity for tax purposes

If you set up a company, acquire an interest in a company or become self-employed, you must inform the tax office.

Tax office

The tax offices are responsible for assessing and collecting taxes. Almost all concerns can be raised and information provided in the telephone service area.

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