Water and soil

The state of soil and water affects many other parts of nature such as the climate, the natural habitats of animal and plant species, and the material cycle.


Apply for a permit change for the withdrawal and discharge of water from surface waters

If water abstraction from surface waters for which a permit under water law has been granted is to be changed, an application for a permit amendment must be submitted to the competent authority.

Apply for permission for earth excavation

If you are planning to drill a deep borehole or an outcrop of earth for geothermal use with a vertical geothermal probe, you will need permission from your local water authority.

Display of drinking water systems and domestic wells

As the operator of a water supply system or non-drinking water system, you are obliged to register it.

Drinking water fee

Here you can get information about the drinking water supply to your home or property and the associated costs.

Drinking water monitoring

Here you can get information about drinking water monitoring.

Earth excavation - Indicate work with direct or indirect impact on groundwater.

You want to carry out drilling or other earthworks that may influence the movements or the quality of the groundwater? Then you must notify the competent authority in advance.

Earth excavation - Show work with an unintended groundwater development.

You have already indicated a well and have unintentionally encountered groundwater? Then you must inform the competent authority.

Fisheries - Keep annual report on eel stocking

If you release eels into waters in Thuringia, you must record this and submit it to the competent authority if necessary.

Flood / flood protection

If you want to learn about flood protection, you can find out more here.

Forest Thuringia state program for coping with the consequences of extreme weather events in the forest - submit an application for a grant

The state program supports private and municipal forest owners as well as recognized forestry associations with grants for special measures to cope with the consequences of extreme weather events in the forest.

Hunting - Game damage compensation - File a claim

Have you discovered game or hunting damage on your agricultural or forestry property? Then you are entitled to compensation under certain conditions.

Monument protection

s. Monument preservation

Order the cessation or removal of an earth excavation

Are you carrying out deep drilling or other earthworks? Then in certain cases the authority can require you to stop or remove the earth excavation.

Raise objections regarding the designation of floodplains

If you are affected by a floodplain designation procedure, you can submit comments and objections.

Show earth excavation

You want to carry out drilling or other earthworks? Then you must notify the competent authority in advance.

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