Nature, climate and biodiversity

Protection of natural habitats and biodiversity helps preserve threatened natural areas and wild species of plants and animals. Energy and raw materials are limited resources and should be used sparingly. You can also help fight climate change by reducing your energy consumption and by choosing a resource-conserving heating system or building style.


Animal welfare

Animal welfare refers to the protection of both wild animals and those living in human care.

Apply for permission to set up bee colonies in protection districts of bee colonization centers in Thuringia

Are you a beekeeper and the intended location of your bees is within a 7 km radius of a beekeeping site in Thuringia? Then you need an installation permit.

Apply for tree cutting permit

If you want to remove a tree or other woody plant between March and September, you need a permit to do so.

Avian influenza

Classical avian influenza ("bird flu") is a particularly severe form of avian influenza in poultry and other birds caused by highly pathogenic influenza viruses of subtypes H5 an...

Avian Influenza

The discovery of dead birds or the suspicion of avian influenza in infected areas and in so-called risk areas, the competent authority must be informed.

Batteries - Disposal

Here you will find information on the disposal of used batteries.

Beekeeping - Apply for funding

If you run a beekeeping business in Thuringia, you can receive a subsidy for keeping and breeding bees. You must apply for this in writing to the competent authority.

Biosphere Reserves

The protected area category of biosphere reserves was established by UNESCO as part of the Man and the Biosphere program. In these areas, the aim is to create a sustainable...

Bulky waste - disposal

Bulky waste is collected and disposed of separately from household waste due to its bulkiness.

Disposal of CDs/DVDs

Instead of "temporarily storing" CDs that are no longer used in drawers or disposing of them in the trash can, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) recommends giving...

Environmental Company Information System of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Ecofinder)

The IHK ecoFinder is Germany's largest portal for organizations and companies from the environmental and energy sector. Here you can find competent providers of products and...

Fisheries - Keep annual report on eel stocking

If you release eels into waters in Thuringia, you must record this and submit it to the competent authority if necessary.

Forest first afforestation - apply for permission

Do you want to create new forest and do something to bind carbon dioxide, enhance the landscape in areas with little forest and do something against erosion? If so, you need to create new forest and apply for permission for initial afforestation from the lower forestry authority.

Forest Thuringia state program for coping with the consequences of extreme weather events in the forest - submit an application for a grant

The state program supports private and municipal forest owners as well as recognized forestry associations with grants for special measures to cope with the consequences of extreme weather events in the forest.

Hand in hazardous waste for disposal

The disposal of hazardous waste from private households is the responsibility of the public waste disposal authorities.

Hand in old electrical appliances for disposal

The disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment from private households is the responsibility of the public waste disposal authorities.

Hand in residual waste for disposal

Would you like to dispose of residual waste? This is the responsibility of your local waste disposal company, which is also responsible for the disposal of residual waste in addition to the various types of separate waste collection.

Home slaughter

If you wish to slaughter pets or ungulates yourself at home, you must register this with the competent authority. Home slaughter is the slaughter of animals outside of a commercial slaughterhouse.

Hunting - Game damage compensation - File a claim

Have you discovered game or hunting damage on your agricultural or forestry property? Then you are entitled to compensation under certain conditions.

IHK Recycling Exchange

The IHK Recycling Exchange brings together supply and demand for recyclable waste. Do you need recyclable materials yourself in order to make optimum use of your facilities? ...

Landscape protection

Landscape protection includes all measures for the protection and maintenance of a section of the earth's surface in which special protection of nature and landscape is required...

Nature Conservation

The aim of nature conservation is to preserve nature and the landscape on the basis of their own value and as the foundations of human life. Since it is becoming increasingly...

Veterinary Affairs

The public veterinary system protects the health of animals and humans. It is an important part of consumer protection, agriculture, the food industry and animal welfare. Tasks...

Waste charges

Here you will find information on municipal waste charges.

Waste paper disposal

The disposal of waste and thus also of waste paper from private households is the responsibility of the districts and independent cities.

Wild birds - taking in and caring for injured, helpless or sick animals.

According to nature conservation regulations, it is permitted to take in injured, helpless or sick birds and nurse them back to health. The animals are to be released back into...

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