People with disabilities have a right to live the same way as people without physical or learning impairments. You will find information and services related to disability here.


Apply for a severely disabled person's ID card with or without token

If you are severely disabled, you are entitled to free public transport or a vehicle tax reduction under certain conditions.

Apply for a severely disabled person's pass

If you have been determined to be severely disabled, then you can apply for the issuance of a severely disabled person's ID card.

Apply for health care assistance for children or youth in foster care or inpatient facilities

Children or adolescents in foster families or in inpatient facilities for children and youth welfare are entitled to health care assistance.

Apply for sensory impairment allowance

If you are blind, deafblind or deaf, you can receive sensory impairment benefit under certain conditions. You must apply for this.

Disability assistance

If you want to claim integration assistance for disabled people, you must apply for it.

Disability counseling

In principle, every rehabilitation agency is obliged to provide advice to disabled people. Furthermore, joint local service centers of the rehabilitation providers offer advice...

Early intervention for children with disabilities

If your child has a disability, then you may be eligible for a variety of early intervention services for your child.

Grant disabled people equal status with severely disabled people

As a person with disabilities, you can be treated in the same way as severely disabled people under certain conditions.

Have parking permit and parking facilitation for severely disabled persons renewed

If you are severely disabled and have a parking permit, then you can have it renewed.

Help for the elderly

As an elderly person, you will receive a wide range of information and supportwithin the framework of open assistance for the elderly: Advice in all questions of life, ...

Matters relating to severely disabled persons

The district offices and independent cities are responsible for matters relating to the severely disabled. They perform the following tasks, among others:Determining disabilities...

Parking facilities for severely disabled people - marking preserved

Parking facilities marked for severely disabled people can be established near the place of residence on public road land and near the place of work.

Parking facilities for severely disabled people - person-related parking space preserved

Holders of an EU parking permit may be provided with a personal parking space near their residence on public road land and near their place of work.

Parking permit and parking facilitation for severely disabled persons received

As a severely disabled person, you can receive a parking permit and parking facilitations under certain conditions. You must apply for these.

Psychosocial counseling

If you have questions about psychosocial issues, you can contact the social psychiatric services at the health offices. You will receive counseling there.

Request disability determination

If you have a disability and meet the legal requirements, you can apply for recognition of severe disability. The degree of disability will also be determined.

Sensory disability allowance decision: objection

If you do not agree with a decision according to the Thüringer Sinnesbehindertengeldgesetz (ThürSinnbGG), you can file an objection against it. When the objection is filed, the...

Sports promotion

In Thuringia, sports are promoted in a variety of ways.

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