Do you need help quickly in a medical emergency? Or do you need assistance with a difficult life situation? Here you will find information about services and contact people for everything from doctors’ visits to emergency rescue to addiction counselling.


Addiction counseling

If you yourself or someone else is affected by addiction, then you can get help and advice from addiction counseling.

AIDS counseling

If you have any questions about HIV/AIDS, there are various help and services available in Thuringia.

Apply for compensation under the Infection Protection Act for loss of earnings

If you have to seclude yourself or are no longer allowed to work due to infection control and have a loss of earnings as a result, you may receive compensation.

Apply for health care assistance for children or youth in foster care or inpatient facilities

Children or adolescents in foster families or in inpatient facilities for children and youth welfare are entitled to health care assistance.

Applying for home nursing care for people with statutory health insurance

If you need a qualified carer at home due to an illness, you can apply for home nursing care from your statutory health insurance fund. You will need a doctor's prescription for this.

Compensation for vaccination damage

If you have suffered damage to your health as a result of a vaccination or other specific prophylactic measure, you are entitled to compensation under certain conditions.

Drug counseling

Legal and illegal drugs are an integral part of our lives. Their use can become addictive and damage health. But social relationships can also suffer considerable damage as a...

Emergency services of panel (dentists) physicians

For medical emergencies, various care services are available from emergency services outside of opening hours.

Household help

The Social Welfare Office can also cover the costs of a housekeeping assistant if certain conditions for the granting of assistance for living are met. Special need situations...

Military service - health damage (military pension)

After termination of his military service, a soldier who has suffered a military service injury receives, on application, a pension for the health and economic consequences of th...

Notification of self-employed activity in a medical profession Acceptance

If you wish to practise a healthcare profession independently or employ members of this profession, you must notify the lower health authority (public health department) of the commencement and termination of this activity.


Emergency rescue includes life-saving measures for injured or ill persons whose lives are in danger or who are in danger of serious damage to their health.

Self-help groups

Many problems can benefit from a self-help group. Together with other affected people, one can exchange information about therapy options or receive tips for everyday life, among...

Tuberculosis Counseling

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that often begins with uncharacteristic symptoms (cough, fatigue, mild fever, etc.) and primarily affects the lungs, but can also affect...

War Victim Services

As an impaired person (so-called damaged person), you will receive, upon application, curative treatment for health damage that has been recognized as a consequence of an injury or has been caused by a recognized consequence of an injury.

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