Excerpts from registers

Do you want everything spelled out in black and white? Do you want to see information on a map? Then you are in the right place. Most registers fulfil a role of publishing information, documenting, exercising supervision or providing protection. Here you will find contacts and information related to obtaining information and excerpts from registers.


Allow inspection of the real estate cadastre

Information on the local location of a parcel / piece of land and the associated surveying documents can be obtained by inspecting the real estate cadastre.

Building - Request for information / inspection / excerpt from the register of building encumbrances

If you demonstrate a legitimate interest, you can inspect the register of building encumbrances and obtain copies.

Certification of German documents for use abroad

Legalization is associated with a not inconsiderable expenditure of time and money. For this reason, it has been partially declared dispensable by international treaties. These...

Chamber of Crafts

Here you will find information about the tasks of the Chamber of Crafts.

Get documents notarized

You can have documents certified by the competent authority.

Have signatures notarized

You can have signatures notarized at the competent authority.

Information from the debtors' register as of 01.01.2013

For certain purposes and under certain conditions, you can obtain information from the debtors' register.

Information from the debtors' register until 31.12.2012

The purpose of the debtors' register is to protect bona fide business transactions from uncreditworthy debtors. Due to a new legal regulation, the maintenance of the debtors'...

Information from the population register: requesting a self-disclosure from the population register

The information includes: the data stored about you in the civil register, the recipients of regular data transfers, as well as the purposes and legal basis of the storage...

Information from the register of associations

If you wish to inspect the register of associations, you can do so via the corresponding portal on the Internet.

Insolvency notices: Information on insolvency proceedings

You can obtain information about any insolvency proceedings online.

Issuance of membership certificate Chamber of Crafts

Your responsible chamber of commerce can issue you a membership certificate for your member companies as proof of registration with the HWK. You must apply for this.

Obtain information from the civil register

If you are looking for a person, then you can apply for the issuance of a registration register information at the competent registration office of the place of residence of the person you are looking for.

Reporting changes in the professional register for tax advisors

If you are registered in the Professional Register of Tax Advisors, you are obliged to report any changes to the relevant Chamber of Tax Advisors.

Request extended information from the civil register

If you can show that you have a justified interest in receiving information, the competent authority may issue you with an extended registration register information.

Requesting information from the Central Trade Register

If you wish to practice a trade and require proof of your personal reliability, you may request information from the Central Trade Register.

Requesting information from the civil register - to parties and groups of voters

As a party or voter group, do you need information from the population register? You have the option of applying to the registration office for group information from the population register.

Requesting information from the population register for groups

You would like to receive information about several persons (group information)? Then this must be in the public interest.

Requesting information from the population register for housing providers

As the owner of a dwelling, you can obtain information from the population register about the persons living in your dwelling if you can demonstrate a legal interest.

simple information from the civil register - request

Are you looking for a person and would like to know their surname, first name or current address? Then you can request a simple information from the civil register.

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