Housing and moving

Whether you are renting, you own a flat or house or you are planning to move, you can find information on housing and moving house here.


Apply for a certificate of eligibility for housing

If you would like to move into social housing, you first need a certificate of eligibility for housing. You must apply for this at the relevant office.

Apply for one-time benefits

Moving, pregnancy, birth: If you lack money for certain situations in your life, you can apply for one-time benefits.

Batteries - Disposal

Here you will find information on the disposal of used batteries.

Broadcasting contribution in the private sector

The broadcasting contribution replaced the broadcasting fee on January 1, 2013. It is levied per home in the private sector. It is independent of the type and number of...

Broadcasting fee in the private sector Re-registration

If you move, or if your bank details or name change, please notify the ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio contribution service.

Broadcasting fee in the private sector Registration

As an adult, you must pay a broadcasting fee for your home. Notice: If another person already pays a broadcasting fee for your home, you are exempt from paying. For citizens,...

Bulky waste - disposal

Bulky waste is collected and disposed of separately from household waste due to its bulkiness.

Certificate of residence / registration

Your city, municipality or administrative community will issue you with a residence / registration certificate on request if you are registered there with a main or secondary...

Change residence

If you have and live in several apartments, one apartment is your main apartment, all others are secondary apartments. If there are any changes, you must inform your registration office.

Collect rent index

A rent index is regularly compiled in many cities and municipalities in Germany.

Deregister residence

If you move abroad or give up your secondary residence, you must deregister your place of residence.

Deregister secondary residence

If you move out of a secondary residence and do not move into another domestic residence, you must deregister for that residence.

Disagreeing with information from the population register against groups

If you do not want your your own data to be passed on to parties, voter groups, the press or radio, then you can object to data being disclosed or passed on.

Drinking water fee

Here you can get information about the drinking water supply to your home or property and the associated costs.

Establishment of conditional blocking notice in the population register

Since November 1, 2015, it has been possible to enter a conditional blocking notice. This blocking notice can be entered for persons, who are in a correctional facility, a...

Forwarding order

The forwarding service offers you the option of having your mail redirected to the new address, e.g., in the event of a move, even though the sender sent it to the old address....

Household cheque procedure for mini-jobs in private households

If you employ domestic employees on a mini-job basis, you must register this using the household cheque procedure.

Housing allowance change notice

Your total income has increased, your rent burden or the number of household members has decreased? Then you must report these changes to the housing allowance authority.

Housing allowance increase request

If your total income has decreased or your rent burden or number of household members has increased, then you may apply for a housing assistance increase.

Housing allowance initial application

If your private household income is not sufficient to cover the cost of adequate housing, you may apply for housing assistance.

Housing benefit continuation application

The approval period for your housing allowance is expiring? Then you should submit a new application 2 months before expiration in order to grant a continuous housing allowance payment.

IHK Recycling Exchange

The IHK Recycling Exchange brings together supply and demand for recyclable waste. Do you need recyclable materials yourself in order to make optimum use of your facilities? ...

Issue registration confirmation

If you register your residence at the municipal administration, then you will receive a registration confirmation.

Landlord confirmation

If you have moved, you will need a confirmation from your landlord to register your new place of residence.

Obligation to register for inland skippers and seafarers

If you move to a ship and do not have a residence within Germany, you have a special obligation to register.

Obligation to report

The obligation to register applies to persons over the age of 16 who move into a new home. They must register within two weeks. For persons up to the age of 16, the obligation t...

Place of residence - registration of the sole or main residence

If you move into an apartment, you must register with the relevant registration office within two weeks.

Place of residence Deregistration of sole or main residence

Are you moving abroad? If you move out of your sole residence and do not move into another residence in the country, you must deregister.

Property tax fixing

Property tax is levied by the municipality on whose territory the property is located.

Property tax notice for land received

Property tax is a municipal tax levied on real property located within the municipality's territory.

Re-register residence

If you move, then you must register at your new residence.

Receive notice of the property tax assessment amount

If you are the owner of real property (or in the new federal states, users of agricultural and forestry property) that is not exempt from real property tax, the tax office will issue a real property tax assessment notice to you.

Receive real estate tax assessment for land used for agriculture and forestry or agricultural and forestry enterprises

Property tax is a municipal tax levied on real property located within the municipality's territory.

Register address book block

The address book block can be entered for the main or sole residence or the secondary residence upon application. It is entered without further verification.

Register apartment

Anyone moving into an apartment must register with the registration office within two weeks of moving in.

Register secondary residence

If you move into an apartment that you do not use primarily, you must register it as a secondary residence with the relevant registration office within two weeks.

Request information block in the population register

If they are exposed to certain dangers, then you can apply for a block on information in the civil register.

Request repair bonus 3.0

Is your electrical appliance no longer working as it should? If you have it repaired instead of buying a new one, you can get a bonus for it.

Second home tax

If you have a duplex or secondary residence in addition to your primary residence, then you may be required to pay a duplex tax.

Special use of roads - request parking lot closure for parade

If you are moving or are making or expecting deliveries and drop-offs, you can apply for a temporary no-parking zone.

Traffic sign - request installation (StVO)

Traffic control measures, such as the erection of traffic signs, are ordered by the road traffic authorities.

Waste charges

Here you will find information on municipal waste charges.

Waste paper disposal

The disposal of waste and thus also of waste paper from private households is the responsibility of the districts and independent cities.

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