Broadcasting fee in the private sector Deregistration

If the obligation to pay broadcasting fees no longer applies to you, you can report this or deregister online. The obligation to pay broadcasting fees no longer applies if you:...

Forwarding order

The forwarding service offers you the option of having your mail redirected to the new address, e.g., in the event of a move, even though the sender sent it to the old address....

Obligation to register for inland skippers and seafarers

If you move to a ship and do not have a residence within Germany, you have a special obligation to register.

Request information block in the population register

If they are exposed to certain dangers, then you can apply for a block on information in the civil register.

Veterinary certificate for the identification of a dog according to the Thuringian Chippflichtverordnung (compulsory chip ordinance)

All dogs in Thuringia must be identified with a microchip. This is injected by a veterinarian and contains a transponder number, which ensures an exact assignment of the dog. As...

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