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Apply for motor vehicle tax relief for severely disabled persons

If you are the owner of a motor vehicle as a severely disabled person, you can apply for a motor vehicle tax credit under certain conditions.

Apply for supplementary sheet to the severely disabled person's ID card with or without token

If you are severely disabled, you are entitled to free public transport or a vehicle tax reduction under certain conditions.

Compulsory wearing of seat belts and helmets - apply for an exemption

Requesting approval for a seat belt and hard hat exemption.

Misdemeanor - Display

If you want the police department or the competent fine office to investigate a misdemeanor, you must report it in writing, by e-mail, fax or simply by telephone.

Motor vehicle: administrative offences

The cities, municipalities or administrative communities monitor stationary traffic in their respective areas. Any infringements detected in the process are punished with a...

Tasks and powers of the regulatory authorities

The most important task of the regulatory authority is the prevention of danger and the maintenance of public safety and order. This includes the following areas in particular...

Traffic offences - granting access to files

If it is suspected or established that you have committed a traffic violation, the following may be issued at your discretion a warning without a fine (verbal warning) may be...

Traffic sign - request installation (StVO)

Traffic control measures, such as the erection of traffic signs, are ordered by the road traffic authorities.

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