The public authorities can issue a range of certificates. For example, registry offices issue birth, marriage and death certificates from the civil status register.


Access to information in accordance with the Thuringian Transparency Act in connection with use of the Thuringian Transparency Portal

Any natural person or legal entity under private law (e.g., an association or a limited liability company) has the right to access official information held by public...

Age and marriage anniversaries

From the 60th marriage anniversary or the 100th age anniversary, you can receive congratulations from the Prime Minister of Thuringia.

Apply for a certificate of inheritance limited to a single person

If you are the sole heir, you often need a certificate of inheritance as proof of your inheritance rights. You can have this limited to the estate in Germany if estate items are...

Apply for a single certificate of inheritance based on a will

If you have accepted your inheritance, you often need proof of your inheritance status. If you are the sole heir under a will or inheritance contract, you can apply for a sole...

Apply for falconer hunting license

If you want to hunt with birds of prey (Beizjagd), you need a falconer hunting license issued in Germany.

Apply for green weapon possession card for individual person

If you, as an individual, wish to acquire and possess weapons and/or ammunition, you must apply for a permit from the relevant weapons authority.

Apply for hunting license

Anyone wishing to hunt needs a hunting license issued in Germany.

Apply for hunting license for foreigners

Anyone wishing to hunt as a non-German or non-German national requires a hunting license for foreigners issued in Germany.

Apply for red gun permit for gun or ammunition collector

If you wish to collect weapons and/or ammunition, you must apply for a permit from the relevant weapons authority.

Apply for single certificate of inheritance due to legal succession

If you are the sole heir according to legal succession, you can apply for a sole heir certificate at the probate court to prove your status as heir.

Apply for yellow weapon possession card for sport shooters

If you want to acquire and possess weapons and/or ammunition as a sport shooter, you must apply for a permit from the responsible weapons authority.

Birth certificate issuance / birth register

If you have given birth to a child, its birth must be reported to the relevant registry office. This is usually done with the help of the facility where the child is born or the...

Certificate of good conduct

If you need a certificate of good conduct, then you can submit an application and have it issued.

Certificate of good conduct - extended

If you need an extended certificate of good conduct, it will be issued to you upon request or sent directly to an authority for submission.

Certificate of residence / registration

Your city, municipality or administrative community will issue you with a residence / registration certificate on request if you are registered there with a main or secondary...

Certify declaration of custody

If the parents are not married to each other at the time of the child's birth, they are entitled to joint parental custody if they make a declaration of custody.

Change first name

You can have your first name changed under certain conditions.

Change surname of a child by naming

If your spouse is not a parent of your child and you want him or her to have your married name, you can change the child's name.

Change surname of a child by single custodial parent

You can have your child's name changed to the other parent's surname.

Change surname of spouses

If you marry or are already in a marriage, you can determine a common family name.

Change surname of the child by declaration of affiliation

If your name has changed, then you can also have the name of your child over 5 years old changed by declaration of affiliation.

Change surnames of expellees, late repatriates, their spouses or descendants

As a displaced person or late repatriate or their spouse or descendants, you have various options for changing your name(s).

Change surnames of registered civil partners

If you live in a registered civil partnership, you can determine a common name (civil partnership name).

Civil partnership certificate Issuance when civil partnership is established abroad

The registry office issues certificates and certified excerpts from the civil partnership register.

Civil partnership certificate issuance

You can obtain your civil partnership certificate from the registry office in whose area the civil partnership was established.

Collecting orders and decorations

Orders and decorations and the corresponding ribbons may only be handed over after presentation of a proper certificate of ownership. The Thuringian State Administration Office...

Collection of a sole inheritance certificate

If it subsequently transpires that the person identified as the heir in the certificate of inheritance is not the true heir, the certificate of inheritance may be withdrawn.

Declaration of consent for minors traveling without guardians

For minors traveling abroad unaccompanied by parents, a parental consent form is recommended.

Disclaimer of the inheritance minutes

If you have become an heir, you must decide whether to accept or disclaim the inheritance. You can declare the disclaimer of the inheritance to the probate court.

First names change order

If you have more than one first name, you can have their order changed by making a declaration.

Health certificate issuance

To perform certain professional activities, you need a health certificate from the health department. You can find out more here.

Honorary sponsorship by the Federal President

Upon request, the Federal President shall assume honorary sponsorship if, at the time of application, there are at least seven living children, including the godchild, who are...

Honors for lifesavers

Here you can get information about the award for lifesavers.

Information from the population register: requesting a self-disclosure from the population register

The information includes: the data stored about you in the civil register, the recipients of regular data transfers, as well as the purposes and legal basis of the storage...

Inheritance contract

In addition to drawing up a will, there are also cases in which it is better to conclude a contract of inheritance. You can also determine the transfer of your assets in an...

Issue certificate of inheritance

Here you will find information on how to apply for a certificate of inheritance.

Issue certificate of marriageability

If you wish to marry abroad, then you may need a certificate of marriageability. You must apply for this at the registry office

Issue fishing permits - receive information

Owners of fishing rights (Fischereiausübungsberechtigter), for example owners of a body of water, may issue fishing permits to individuals or corporations. The lower fishery...

Issue registration confirmation

If you register your residence at the municipal administration, then you will receive a registration confirmation.

Marriage certificate

Marriage certificates are issued by the registry office where the marriage was recorded.

Marriage consummation with custodial partner

Two persons who individually or jointly have the care of one or more children and wish to enter into marriage with each other can be married to each other by a civil registrar.

Marriage consummation with divorced or widowed partner

If two persons, one or both of whom are divorced or widowed, wish to marry each other, they can be married by a civil registrar.

Marriage consummation with foreign partner

If two persons, one of whom is a foreign national, wish to marry each other, they can be married by a civil registrar.

Marriage execution for German citizens

The civil marriage of two persons with German citizenship is performed by a registrar.

Mortuary passport - exhibition

If you need a mortuary passport, then you can apply for its issuance at the competent authority.

Municipal honors

If you have rendered outstanding services to a municipality/municipality, then you can be honored by it with an award.

Name declaration of spouses without domestic marriage or marriage registration

If you are married, you may be able to arrange your name by declaration before a German registry office even after you have married abroad.

Notarize the disclaimer of the inheritance

If you do not wish to accept an inheritance, you must declare the disclaimer of the inheritance to a notary, have it certified and submit it to the probate court.

Obtain information from the civil register

If you are looking for a person, then you can apply for the issuance of a registration register information at the competent registration office of the place of residence of the...

Pre-registration office

The Preliminary Registration Office supports temporary soldiers (SAZ 12) in their recruitment into the civil service. It records the reserved positions under the Soldiers'...

Printout from the birth register

You do not have your birth certificate, but you need it, for example, for a marriage or for another official act? Then you can request a printout from the birth register.

Problems with offices and institutions

Many people are afraid of dealing with authorities and institutions. They often come into contact with notices, are dissatisfied or cannot find their way around the "jungle of...

Public law change of the family name

If a change of the family name is not possible according to the civil-legal requirements, the change of the family name can be applied for at the responsible administrative...

Receive instruction and certificate according to the Infection Protection Act for activities with foodstuffs

If you are working or employed in the food sector for the first time, you will need a certificate from the public health department confirming that you have been instructed in...

Redetermine surname of the child

If you do not share joint custody of a child until after the birth, you can redetermine the child's family name.

Register marriage

If you wish to marry in a German registry office, you must register the marriage beforehand at the registry office of your place of residence. When registering the marriage, the...

Request death certificate of a relative

In the event of death, you as the relatives of the deceased can apply for a death certificate.

Request fishing license issuance

To practice angling, it is necessary to apply for and obtain a fishing license in Thuringia. The application processing takes place in the responsible municipality.

Resume family name after dissolution of marriage or civil partnership

If your marriage or civil partnership is dissolved, you can change your family name.

Taking narcotics with you when traveling abroad Certificate

As a patient, you are allowed to export or import narcotics prescribed by your doctor as travel necessities in quantities appropriate for the duration of a trip. When traveling...

Weapons possession card as an expert or expert permit application

If you are an expert in firearms or ammunition and want to own or acquire them, you need a permit to do so.

Withdrawal/return of a disposition of death from special official custody

Withdraw a disposition of property upon death (e.g. a will or inheritance contract) from special official custody.

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