Apply for discharge of wastewater into a body of water

Do you want to discharge wastewater into a surface water body or into groundwater via the subsoil? Then you must submit an application for permission to use the water to your...

Bathing Water Quality

During the bathing season (May 15 to September 15 of each year), experts from the health offices inspect the natural bathing waters in Thuringia at monthly intervals. They...

Commercial shipping in Thuringia Apply for a permit

The operation of watercraft for the paid transportation of persons and property on Thuringian waters requires a permit in accordance with the Thuringian Ordinance on the...

Drinking water fee

Here you can get information about the drinking water supply to your home or property and the associated costs.

Drinking water monitoring

Here you can get information about drinking water monitoring.

Expert organization for facilities handling substances hazardous to water - apply for recognition

If you want to establish an expert organization that inspects facilities for handling substances hazardous to water, prepares expert reports and certifies or monitors...

Fishing exam Apply for admission

Passing the Thuringian fishing examination is the basis for issuing or extending a Thuringian fishing license.

Flood / flood protection

If you want to learn about flood protection, you can find out more here.

Flood 2013 Information on emergency aid

In view of the high level of damage caused by the floods, the German government is providing 100 million euros in emergency aid to the German states affected by the floods. The...

Offset wastewater levy

You have to pay a wastewater levy for discharging wastewater into a surface water/groundwater and have invested in the new construction/expansion of wastewater...

Request fishing license issuance

To practice angling, it is necessary to apply for and obtain a fishing license in Thuringia. The application processing takes place in the responsible municipality.

Substances hazardous to water: commercial handling - notification

Facilities for handling substances hazardous to water pose a particular threat to water bodies. These include, in particular, oil heating systems, filling stations, facilities...

Thuringia inland navigation license application

If you meet the requirements, then you can apply for an inland navigation license. Learn more about it here.

Wastewater fee

Wastewater charges are levied on the basis of municipal statutes. The amount varies locally. The wastewater charge is payable on an ongoing basis for the service provided. There...

Water law

Water law comprises the federal and state standards that relate to the order and management of surface waters and groundwater. In principle, water bodies can only be managed...

Water supervision

If you are aware of possible water hazards, you can report this to the lower water authority.

Waters (public): commercial use (groundwater heat pumps > 100m) - permit

If you want to install and operate a groundwater heat pump, you need a water law permit for the extraction and reinjection of groundwater.

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