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Advice on the application of plant protection products - display

There is a legal obligation to notify the authorities of commercial advice on the use of plant protection products. If you wish to carry out this activity in Thuringia, notify...

Allow animals breeding, keeping and trade

For many activities in the commercial handling of animals you need a permit from the competent authority. You can find out more about this here.

Animal by-products: Commercial handling (rendering) - Permit

If you wish to commercially dispose of, collect or transport animal carcasses or other waste of animal origin, then you must notify the competent authority of your activity...

Animal carcasses and animal by-products Disposal

Here you will find information on the disposal of animal carcasses and animal by-products.

Application for examination of expertise for plant protection product applicators and/or dispensers

You would like to use plant protection products professionally, sell them or advise on plant protection? For this, you need a technical qualification. This qualification can be...

Apply for a certificate of competence for the application of plant protection products and advice in plant protection

You would like to apply plant protection products or advise on plant protection for professional reasons? Then you need the plant protection certificate of competence in card...

Apply for agricultural direct payments

If the conditions are met, main and part-time farmers can apply for a basic premium, greening premium, redistribution premium, young farmer premium or a subsidy for small...

Apply for approval for the manufacture of compound feedingstuffs containing feed materials from animal components

You would like to produce a compound feed from certain straight feeding stuffs? Then you need an approval for it, if you want to use certain products of animal origin for the...

Apply for approval for use and storage of compound feed according to Regulation (EC) No. 999-2001

For the use and storage of compound feeds made from certain feed materials of animal origin, approval is required if you keep other livestock to which these feeds may not be fed.

Apply for exemption to feed synthetic vitamins in organic farming

If you are a certified organic company and want to feed synthetic vitamins (A, D, E) to your ruminants, you can get an exemption.

Apply for registration or approval for self-mixers

You would like to produce a compound feed for your own use with animal ingredients? Then you need a registration. If you also keep ruminants on your farm, you need an approval...

Apply for zoo permit

If you want to operate a zoo, you need the approval of the nature conservation authority. In addition to the establishment and operation of a zoo, the expansion and significant...

Approval as a private field inspector for seed multiplication areas - application.

The production of seed takes place on so-called propagation plots. The plants on the propagation plots (field stock) must meet certain requirements specified in the Seed...

Approval as classifier for carcasses of cattle, pigs and sheep.

Upon receipt of the application: Examination of the requirements for admission: Completeness of the application: (a) name and address of the applicant, b) two recent...

Approval as private seed sampler - application

Seed which is to be marketed/traded is processed prior to certification and officially sealed after successful quality testing. For the quality test, one representative sample...

Approval of establishments and premises for intra-Community trade in accordance with the Ordinance on the Protection of Animals with regard to the internal market

For commercial trade and transport of animals or their products within the EU, your business needs an official permit.

Approval of private laboratories for seed quality testing - application

Seed that is intended for trade/commerce and undergoes a certification procedure must meet certain quality criteria prior to its certification. For this purpose, samples of the...

Designate a person responsible for animal slaughter who is authorized to give instructions.

Do you or your employees slaughter, stun or bleed animals commercially? If so, you must appoint a responsible person with authority to issue instructions for reasons of animal...

Feed Control

Safe feed is a prerequisite for safe food and healthy animals. That is why feed business operators are monitored and feed is tested.

Food monitoring

Food monitoring serves to protect consumers.

Forest products: Commercial collection - permission

For the commercial collection of mushrooms, berries and herbs, you need a permit from the respective forest owner.

Home slaughtering

Home slaughtering is slaughtering outside commercial slaughterhouses, where the meat may only be used in the animal owner's household.Meat production for other persons is a...

Insemination stations and embryo collection units Permission

You can obtain a permit to operate an insemination station or embryo collection or production unit if you meet certain recognition requirements for this purpose.

Issue accompanying documents for wine shipments

If your company transports wine products that are not yet bottled or similar over more than 40 km, an accompanying document must be carried.

Land consolidation

Land consolidation = combination of appropriate reorganization of land ownership with investments in infrastructure in rural areas

Licenses for imports, transit, exports and intra-Community movements in accordance with animal health and foodstuffs regulations

You must obtain a permit from the competent authority to import, transit, and in some cases export animals or goods that may be carriers of infectious agents.

Meat processing: approval

To operate a meat processing business, you need to be licensed by the authorities.RequirementsThe legal requirements concerning compliance with food and feed law and animal...

Meat production/slaughter: permission

The slaughter of farm animals kept as pets generally requires a permit. Exceptions exist only for domestic slaughtering. Persons who slaughter animals must have the necessary...

Meat production: ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection

If you commercially slaughter animals whose meat is intended for human consumption, you must have the animals officially inspected before and after slaughter. This applies...

Meat production: approval

If you want to carry out meat production, i.e. the slaughter of domestic ungulates, rabbits, poultry or furred game kept in gates with the aim of placing the meat on the market,...

Notification of the start of the trial with unauthorized plant protection products in the open field

The start of the trial with non-approved plant protection products or approved products in non-approved areas of application must be notified to the relevant state authorities...

Organic farming: private inspection body - approval

You would like to operate a private inspection body for organic farming that monitors and verifies compliance with the EC Organic Regulation directly on site at farms and...

Pharmaceutical production - permission

For the commercial or professional manufacture of medicinal products, you need a permit from the competent authority.

Plant protection product application for others - Display

There is a legal obligation to report the use of plant protection products for other persons, businesses and companies. If you wish to carry out this activity in Thuringia,...

Register hatcheries, breeding and propagation farms and issue identification number.

If you want to operate a hatchery or a breeding and multiplying farm, then you must register with the competent body.

Registration of companies according to Art. 65 of the Plant Health Regulation (EU) 2016/2031

You want to import plants subject to certification / passport obligation into the EU? You want to move plants with plant passport obligation within the EU?

Request exemption intervention on organic animals

If you want to perform interventions on your animals as a certified organic company, you can get an exemption under certain conditions.

Request purchase of conventional breeding animals for organic farm

If you are a certified organic company and want to add conventional animals to your herd, you can get an exemption under certain conditions.

Retroactively recognize agricultural area for organic farming

Areas that have demonstrably not been treated in the past with agents prohibited in organic farming can, under certain conditions, be recognized retroactively as organic areas.

Trade with / import of plant protection products - notification

There is a legal obligation to report the trade in and import of plant protection products. If you wish to engage in this activity in Thuringia, notify the competent authority...

Travel with pets (pets)

Here you will find information about traveling abroad with a pet or importing a pet from abroad.

Vertebrate animals Obtain certificate of competence to stun or kill

Killing and related activities may only be carried out by persons who have the necessary knowledge and skills (expertise).

Veterinarian - Recognize further training title of specialist veterinarian

In addition to your professional title as a veterinarian, you may use other acquired professional titles upon application. You are only permitted to use these additional...

Veterinarian - registering professional practice with state veterinary chamber

You must register your commencement of work as a veterinarian with the relevant authorities.

Veterinary Affairs

The public veterinary system protects the health of animals and humans. It is an important part of consumer protection, agriculture, the food industry and animal welfare. Tasks...

Veterinary medicine cabinet - show

You must notify the competent authority of the operation of a veterinary home pharmacy.

Veterinary surgeon - temporary exercise of the profession in the context of the provision of services under European law - report

If you are a veterinarian, you are allowed to carry out your activity in Germany as a service provider for the temporary and occasional practice of the profession even without a...

official recognition of an experimental facility for plant protection products

Non-official testing facilities operated or established by a private or public entity may be officially recognized upon application.

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