Business or freelance activity: delimitation

Anyone who is self-employed either operates a trade or belongs to the liberal professions. "The liberal professions generally have as their object, on the basis of special...

Certificate in tax matters

If you need a certificate in tax matters, then you must apply for its issuance to the competent authority.

Chartered accountant - public appointment/ swearing in

Sworn auditors must be appointed by the Chamber of Public Accountants in order to practice their profession. The appointment simultaneously establishes membership in the Chamber...

Determine corporate income tax

Corporations are subject to corporate income tax on their taxable income.

Pay business tax

If you operate a commercial enterprise in Germany, you are subject to trade tax.

Production of or trade in spirits - registration

Anyone who opens or takes over a business which has as its object the production or purification of spirits or the trade in spirits must register in writing with the competent...

Register tax consulting for temporary and occasional assistance

If you are professionally established in a member state of the EU or Switzerland and are authorized there to provide assistance in tax matters on a business basis, then you may...

Sales tax

Sales tax (also known as value added tax) is one of the taxes on ownership and transactions. It is a general consumption tax that is generally levied on all private and public...

Tax consultant - appointment

If you want to work as a tax consultant or tax agent, you need the official appointment of the competent chamber of tax consultants.

Tax forms

The taxation procedure requires different forms for tax returns, tax declarations or applications and certificates, depending on the individual tax types. The Thuringian tax...

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