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Allow animals breeding, keeping and trade

For many activities in the commercial handling of animals you need a permit from the competent authority. You can find out more about this here.

Amusement arcades

For the operation of gambling halls, a permit from the competent authority must be applied for in advance.

Application for EU food establishment approval under food law

Under EU food legislation, certain establishments placing food of animal origin on the market require approval. These include, for example, slaughterhouses and establishments...

Application/notification for permission to work in the cemetery (for tradesmen)

For commercial work in the cemetery, you must apply for permission in advance or give notice of such work.

Apply for approval of an aviation event

You would like to hold an event at your airfield where aircraft are displayed in flight or compete against each other in a competition? Then you need a permit which you must...

Apply for approval of sales events such as weekly, annual or special markets

If you as an organizer want to organize a fair, an exhibition, a wholesale market, a weekly market, a fair or a special market (for example a Christmas market), a permit for the...

Apply for certificates of origin and CCI certificates for trade documents

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry issue certificates of origin and other trade certificates for the export industry.

Apply for permission to establish a stock exchange

To establish a stock exchange, you need a permit from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Apply for special use permit for roads

If you want to sell goods or set up an information stand on the street, for example, this is a special use of the street. You must apply for a permit for this.

Apply for travel business card

If you want to sell or offer goods or services commercially outside your business without being asked by a customer, or if you want to carry out entertainment activities as a...

Apply for travel business card extension

You need a travel trade card for a travel trade. You can have a temporary travel trade card extended by the competent authority.

Apply for travel trade card change or addition

You need a travel trade card for a travel trade. You can change or extend the activities listed in the travel trade card at the competent authority.

Auctioneer business permit application

If you wish to auction off movable property, land or rights belonging to third parties on a commercial basis, you need a permit.

Boats (rent) - boat certificate

Anyone wishing to rent recreational boats or personal watercraft for non-commercial use must have a boating certificate for each vessel.

Carpool - Display

If you want to operate a ridesharing agency, you must notify the competent authority as a "standing trade".

Catering business, amusement arcade curfew - special permit

You must apply to the relevant authority for a reduction in the closure period for your business.

Chartered accountant - public appointment/ swearing in

Sworn auditors must be appointed by the Chamber of Public Accountants in order to practice their profession. The appointment simultaneously establishes membership in the Chamber...

Chimney sweep

Owners are obliged to sweep and inspect their installations subject to sweeping and inspection in due time and to have the measurements prescribed by the "Ordinance on Small and...

Closing time - arcades

In Thuringia, the following closing times apply to gaming arcades from 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and on public holidays in accordance with the Thuringian Public Holiday Act.

Commercial and private properties: Mediation - Permission

Anyone who brokers the conclusion of contracts for real property, rights equivalent to real property, commercial premises, residential premises or loans, or provides evidence of...

Compensation in accordance with the Infection Protection Act Grant for loss of earnings compensation of persons entitled to care

Your child is affected by a school or daycare closure and you can no longer work because of it? Find out here how you can be reimbursed for lost earnings.

Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for compensation for loss of earnings

Are you no longer allowed to work due to infection control and have lost earnings as a result? Find out here how you can be reimbursed for lost earnings.

Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for reimbursement of uncovered operating expenses

Have you had to close your business or practice due to an activity ban or quarantine? Here you will find information on how to be reimbursed for ongoing non-covered operating...

Dangerous Substances and Mixtures: Commercial Handling - Permit according to the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance

For the commercial distribution of substances or preparations that must be labeled with the hazard symbols T (toxic) or T+ (very toxic) according to the Hazardous Substances...

Designate a person responsible for animal slaughter who is authorized to give instructions.

Do you or your employees slaughter, stun or bleed animals commercially? If so, you must appoint a responsible person with authority to issue instructions for reasons of animal...

Dietician: Job title - Permission

Anyone wishing to use the professional title of "dietitian" requires a permit.

Display of a public event

You must notify the relevant authority in advance of a public event.

Display of persons - permission

For the commercial display of persons you need the permission of the competent authority.

Dogs: Commercial keeping - Permission

If you want to keep dogs commercially, you need a permit from the competent authority. Requirements: The person responsible for the activity must have the professional...

Energy supply: Charges for network access - Approval

Charges for network access must be approved by the responsible regulatory authority.

Energy supply: Operation of energy supply networks - approval

The operation of a power supply network must be approved by the competent authority.

Energy supply: Supply of energy to household customers - Display

Energy supply companies supplying household customers with energy must notify the regulatory authority without delay of the commencement and termination of their activities and...

Events in the public traffic area - apply for a permit

Permission must be obtained to hold events in the public street space for which the street is to be used beyond the public use for traffic.

Explosives Act Notification requirements

If you commercially handle explosive and pyrotechnic substances, you have certain notification obligations to the competent body.

Farrier/farrier apprentice blacksmith - recognition

Hoof and claw shoeing in Germany may only be carried out by certified and state-approved farriers. This does not apply to the practice of shoeing by employees subject to social...

Food monitoring

Food monitoring serves to protect consumers.

Forest products: Commercial collection - permission

For the commercial collection of mushrooms, berries and herbs, you need a permit from the respective forest owner.

Hiking camp display

Any person who wishes to hold a traveling camp for the distribution of goods, which is to be advertised by public notice, must give notice thereof.

Home slaughtering

Home slaughtering is slaughtering outside commercial slaughterhouses, where the meat may only be used in the animal owner's household.Meat production for other persons is a...

Insurance broker - permission and register

Insurance brokers require a trade license from the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce. This is granted if you can prove personal reliability, orderly financial...

Issuance of permits for bookmakers and betting offices under the Racing Betting and Lotteries Act

If you want to place or broker bets on public horse races on a commercial basis as a bookmaker, you need a permit.

Issue accompanying documents for wine shipments

If your company transports wine products that are not yet bottled or similar over more than 40 km, an accompanying document must be carried.

Livestock trade (commercial) - Display

If you want to trade in livestock commercially or transport livestock commercially or as part of animal production based on the division of labor, or operate a collection...

Meat processing: approval

To operate a meat processing business, you need to be licensed by the authorities.RequirementsThe legal requirements concerning compliance with food and feed law and animal...

Meat production: ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection

If you commercially slaughter animals whose meat is intended for human consumption, you must have the animals officially inspected before and after slaughter. This applies...

Pawnbroking business permit application

If you wish to operate commercially as a pawnbroker or pawnbroker's agent, you need a permit.

Pharmaceutical production - permission

For the commercial or professional manufacture of medicinal products, you need a permit from the competent authority.

Prostitution activity registration extend

If your registration certificate for working as a prostitute or prostitute expires, then you need to renew their certificate.

Prostitution business Apply for permission to operate

If you want to run a prostitution business, then you must apply for permission to do so beforehand.

Prostitution business Display installation of a prostitution vehicle

If you want to set up a prostitution vehicle, then you must notify the competent authority.

Protection of Sundays and public holidays - exceptions

On Sundays and public holidays, there is a rest period and no activities may be carried out that could disturb the rest of the day. However, if there are important reasons,...

Public gambling: Event - Permission

If you want to organize or mediate public gambling, then you need the permission of the competent authority beforehand.

Pyrotechnics: Burning by permit or certificate holders - notification

If you, as the holder of a permit or certificate of competence, wish to burn pyrotechnic articles in accordance with § 23 of the 1st Explosives Ordinance, you must notify the...

Radiation protection officer: appointment - notification

If you appoint a radiation protection officer for your company, you must notify the competent authority.

Register animal show, animal market or animal exchange

If you wish to hold events such as animal shows, animal fairs and animal exhibitions, you must notify the relevant administrative authority. For commercial purposes, you need a...

Restaurant business, display

You must notify the competent authority of the operation of a restaurant.

Security guarding (store detectives, patrols in public areas, doormen) - permit

Certain activities in the guarding trade may only be carried out after passing the expert knowledge examination at the IHK.

Security guarding - apply for a permit

Anyone who wishes to guard the lives or property of other persons on a professional basis requires permission from the competent authority.

Security guarding - certificate of competence

For the permission to perform some activities in the guarding business you need a certificate of competence.

Show blasting

You must notify the responsible office of a blasting with explosive substances.

Show persons responsible for explosives

If you are the owner of an establishment authorized to handle explosive substances and you wish to appoint a responsible person in accordance with the Explosives Act, you can...

Slot machine tax

As a rule, an amusement tax is levied on the operation of slot machines. You can find information on this here.

Small fireworks exception permit obtained

You must apply for an exemption permit to burn small fireworks outside of the yearly wassail.

Stand permit

If you want to operate a stand at a market, then you need a permit from the relevant authority.

Start-up grant approval

If you receive unemployment benefit 1 and would like to start a business, you can receive financial support for this under certain conditions.

Store opening hours

In Thuringia, opening regulations apply to sales outlets in accordance with the state's Shop Opening Act.

Street sale - exemption

Streets are usually reserved for road traffic. There is a ban on offering goods and services. For certain individual cases, permission may be granted upon application...

Sunday and holiday employment: Exemption permit (holding of house and order fairs, employment of workers in commercial trade).

If you, as an employer, wish to employ workers in the commercial sector on Sundays and public holidays for the purpose of holding an in-house or order fair, on which special...

Sundays open for sale

Sales outlets in Thuringia are generally closed on Sundays and public holidays. Exceptions apply to sales on up to four Sundays and public holidays per year. The specific dates...

Traffic space restriction - approval

A permit must be obtained for any measure that requires a restriction and special use of public traffic space.

Vertebrate animals Obtain certificate of competence to stun or kill

Killing and related activities may only be carried out by persons who have the necessary knowledge and skills (expertise).

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