Nature Conservation


Advice on the application of plant protection products - display

There is a legal obligation to notify the authorities of commercial advice on the use of plant protection products. If you wish to carry out this activity in Thuringia, notify...

Animal Welfare - Apply for subsidies

The purpose of animal welfare promotion is to support livestock farmers in introducing or maintaining particularly animal-friendly husbandry practices.

Apply for a certificate of competence for the dispensing of plant protection products

You need a certificate of competence for the dispensing of plant protection products if you place plant protection products on the market on a commercial basis or want to...

Apply for exemption for the use of non-organic seed/non-organic seed potatoes.

You would like to use conventional seed for experimental purposes on your organic farm, but you do not know whether this is allowed? If necessary, the competent authority (in...

Apply for new vineyards for wine

If you want to grow wine on new vineyards, you usually need a permit from the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE).

Apply for permission to set up bee colonies in protection districts of bee colonization centers in Thuringia

Are you a beekeeper and the intended location of your bees is within a 7 km radius of a beekeeping site in Thuringia? Then you need an installation permit.

Apply for phytosanitary certificates for export to third countries

You want to export plants to a third country? You need a phytosanitary certificate/ pre-export certificate for this?

Apply for support for agricultural holdings in disadvantaged and specific areas (compensatory allowance)

You farm at least 3 ha in the Less Favored Area or in the Specific Area, then you can apply for Compensatory Allowance for Less Favored and/or Specific Areas. However, you must...

Approval of companies to carry out demolition and renovation work on or in existing plants, buildings or vehicles containing weakly bound asbestos products (Annex I No. 2.4.2 Para. 4 Hazardous Substances Ordinance)

You may only carry out demolition and renovation work on or in existing plants, buildings or vehicles containing weakly bound asbestos products if you have received approval for...

Biosphere Reserves

The protected area category of biosphere reserves was established by UNESCO as part of the Man and the Biosphere program. In these areas, the aim is to create a sustainable...

Biotope protection

Here you can get information about biotope protection.

Directive wolf-lynx - compensation

In the case of an officially confirmed wolf or lynx kill, livestock owners can apply for compensation under the Wolf/Lynx Funding Guidelines.

Directive wolf-lynx - prevention

Here you can find information on the promotion of prevention measures for protection against wolf attacks on grazing animals.

Forest first afforestation - apply for permission

Do you want to create new forest and do something to bind carbon dioxide, enhance the landscape in areas with little forest and do something against erosion? If so, you need to...

Forest products: Commercial collection - permission

For the commercial collection of mushrooms, berries and herbs, you need a permit from the respective forest owner.

Forestry Association Recognition

Association of recognized forest management groups or similar associations for the purpose of adapting forestry production to market requirements. You would like to establish a...

Forestry community recognition

Association of landowners for the joint management of their forest areas in a forestry cooperative (FBG) Thuringia: You would like to establish a forest management association...

Hornets - granting of species protection exemptions for nest relocation, nest removal

Hornets are useful and peaceful insects. A large hornet colony can feed up to 500 grams of insects to its brood in one day. There is also no increased risk of being stung by a...

KULAP 2014 - Apply for subsidies

Through the program KULAP 2014 you can apply for a Promotion of environmentally friendly and climate-friendly agriculture, preservation of the cultural landscape, nature...

Landscape conservation promotion

Here you will find information on landscape conservation in Thuringia.

Landscape protection

Landscape protection includes all measures for the protection and maintenance of a section of the earth's surface in which special protection of nature and landscape is required...

Misdemeanor - Display

If you want the police department or the competent fine office to investigate a misdemeanor, you must report it in writing, by e-mail, fax or simply by telephone.

National Park

National parks aim primarily at the large-scale protection and free development of untouched nature. "Let nature be nature" is therefore the motto of these areas. By...

Natura 2000

Natura 2000 is a system of protected areas established by the European Union on a uniform basis throughout Europe. It comprises the areas designated by the member states in...

Nature Conservation

The aim of nature conservation is to preserve nature and the landscape on the basis of their own value and as the foundations of human life. Since it is becoming increasingly...

Nature conservation: compensation and replacement measures

Projects that unavoidably affect nature must be balanced out by nature conservation and landscape management measures.

Nature conservation: intervention in nature and landscape - approval

Interventions in nature and landscape may be carried out only after prior approval.

Nature parks

Large areas are designated as nature parks, which are particularly suitable for recreation due to their natural characteristics and beauty. The preservation of the diversity of...

Permission for the use of an approved plant protection product in another application area according to § 22 (2) PflSchG

You want to use a plant protection product on your farm that is not approved for use in this crop. In this case, you need an individual farm permit, which must be applied for at...

Permission for the use of plant protection products on non-crop land according to § 12 (2) PflSchG

You would like to apply plant protection products such as weed killers on traffic areas, paths, squares, unvegetated sports facilities or yard areas? For this you need a special...

Plant protection product application for others - Display

There is a legal obligation to report the use of plant protection products for other persons, businesses and companies. If you wish to carry out this activity in Thuringia,...

Program for the Promotion of Nature Conservation and Landscape Management Measures in Thuringia" (NALAP)

With the "Program for the Promotion of Nature Conservation and Landscape Management Measures in Thuringia" (NALAP): 1. a promotion by conclusion of a contract can take place...

Recreation and entering the open countryside

Access to the open countryside on roads and paths as well as on unused ground areas for the purpose of recreation is permitted to all and is governed by for the forest...

Registration of companies according to Art. 65 of the Plant Health Regulation (EU) 2016/2031

You want to import plants subject to certification / passport obligation into the EU? You want to move plants with plant passport obligation within the EU?

Sheep-goat premium

Livestock farmers who manage biotope grassland in Thuringia can receive support through the sheep-goat premium. Sheep and goats are important "landscape managers on four legs"....

Species protection granting a special permit and exemption

If you wish to obtain an exemption permit or exemption from species protection, then you must apply for it to the competent authority.

Trade with / import of plant protection products - notification

There is a legal obligation to report the trade in and import of plant protection products. If you wish to engage in this activity in Thuringia, notify the competent authority...

Wild birds - taking in and caring for injured, helpless or sick animals.

According to nature conservation regulations, it is permitted to take in injured, helpless or sick birds and nurse them back to health. The animals are to be released back into...

official recognition of an experimental facility for plant protection products

Non-official testing facilities operated or established by a private or public entity may be officially recognized upon application.

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