Apply for a certificate of competence for the application of plant protection products and advice in plant protection

You would like to apply plant protection products or advise on plant protection for professional reasons? Then you need the plant protection certificate of competence in card...

Apply for a certificate of competence for the dispensing of plant protection products

You need a certificate of competence for the dispensing of plant protection products if you place plant protection products on the market on a commercial basis or want to...

Apply for agricultural direct payments

If the conditions are met, main and part-time farmers can apply for a basic premium, greening premium, redistribution premium, young farmer premium or a subsidy for small...

Apply for approval for use and storage of compound feed according to Regulation (EC) No. 999-2001

For the use and storage of compound feeds made from certain feed materials of animal origin, approval is required if you keep other livestock to which these feeds may not be fed.

Apply for exemption for the use of non-organic seed/non-organic seed potatoes.

You would like to use conventional seed for experimental purposes on your organic farm, but you do not know whether this is allowed? If necessary, the competent authority (in...

Apply for exemption to feed synthetic vitamins in organic farming

If you are a certified organic company and want to feed synthetic vitamins (A, D, E) to your ruminants, you can get an exemption.

Apply for new vineyards for wine

If you want to grow wine on new vineyards, you usually need a permit from the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE).

Apply for permission to set up bee colonies in protection districts of bee colonization centers in Thuringia

Are you a beekeeper and the intended location of your bees is within a 7 km radius of a beekeeping site in Thuringia? Then you need an installation permit.

Apply for phytosanitary certificates for export to third countries

You want to export plants to a third country? You need a phytosanitary certificate/ pre-export certificate for this?

Apply for registration or approval according to Regulation (EC) No. 183/2005 and Feed Regulation for Farmers

Are you a farmer? For the production, processing, storage, transport and/or placing on the market of feed you need a registration/approval

Apply for support for agricultural holdings in disadvantaged and specific areas (compensatory allowance)

You farm at least 3 ha in the Less Favored Area or in the Specific Area, then you can apply for Compensatory Allowance for Less Favored and/or Specific Areas. However, you must...

Approval of an inspection body in accordance with the Raw Milk Quality Ordinance

If you want to operate an inspection body according to the Raw Milk Quality Ordinance, you need the approval of the competent authority.

Approval of an inspection body in accordance with the Raw Milk Quality Ordinance

If you would like to operate an inspection body in accordance with the Raw Milk Quality Ordinance, you will need the approval of the competent authority.

Beekeeping (beekeeping) - apply for funding

If you operate an apiary in Thuringia, then you can receive funding for the keeping and breeding of bees. You must apply for this in writing to the relevant office.

Directive wolf-lynx - compensation

In the case of an officially confirmed wolf or lynx kill, livestock owners can apply for compensation under the Wolf/Lynx Funding Guidelines.

Disposals of agricultural land, application for approval

Disposals, usually purchase contracts for agricultural land, above a certain exemption limit (in Thuringia from 2,500 m²) and the granting of co-ownership shares, usufruct and...

Egg packing station - apply for approval

You may only operate an egg packing station if it has been approved by the competent authority under market law and has been issued a packing station identification number.

Establishment and operation of producer associations

Are you a newly founded, recognized producer association marketing quality products and still need start-up assistance? Then the TMIL can support you with funding under the...

Fipronil residues in eggs

What is Fipronil? Fipronil is a pesticide. It is used against fleas, lice, ticks, cockroaches and mites, among others. It must not be used on food-producing animals...

KULAP 2014 - Apply for subsidies

Through the program KULAP 2014 you can apply for a Promotion of environmentally friendly and climate-friendly agriculture, preservation of the cultural landscape, nature...

Land consolidation

Land consolidation = combination of appropriate reorganization of land ownership with investments in infrastructure in rural areas

Land leases, display

If you have entered into a land lease agreement or wish to notify a change to it, this must be notified to the competent authority within one month by the lessor.

Master craftsman exams in agriculture

After successful vocational training, there are attractive further training opportunities for career advancement. In the field of agriculture and home economics, master...

Meat production: ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection

If you commercially slaughter animals whose meat is intended for human consumption, you must have the animals officially inspected before and after slaughter. This applies...

Permission for the use of an approved plant protection product in another application area according to § 22 (2) PflSchG

You want to use a plant protection product on your farm that is not approved for use in this crop. In this case, you need an individual farm permit, which must be applied for at...

Permission for the use of plant protection products on non-crop land according to § 12 (2) PflSchG

You would like to apply plant protection products such as weed killers on traffic areas, paths, squares, unvegetated sports facilities or yard areas? For this you need a special...

Pest control

Hygienic pests, such as pest rodents (Norway rat, house rat and house mouse) and vermin (arthropods, e.g. cockroaches, meal moths, bacon beetles), contaminate food and/or...

Recognition as a test center for plant protection equipment Granting

What types of crop protection equipment do they want to test? A distinction is made between area and room cultivators, granular spreaders, dressing devices. Small and large...

Recognition of producer groups of agricultural quality products

Regionally produced and high-quality food is becoming increasingly popular. As a producer association for agricultural quality products, they are not only able to meet this...

Recognition of producer organizations, their associations and interbranch organizations

If you are a producer of agricultural products and want to join forces and take advantage of explicit funding opportunities, recognition as an agricultural organization is a...

Register hatcheries, breeding and propagation farms and issue identification number.

If you want to operate a hatchery or a breeding and multiplying farm, then you must register with the competent body.

Registration of companies according to Art. 65 of the Plant Health Regulation (EU) 2016/2031

You want to import plants subject to certification / passport obligation into the EU? You want to move plants with plant passport obligation within the EU?

Registration, approval or notification for feed businesses according to Regulation (EC) No. 183/2005 and Feed Regulation for commercial businesses

You need registration/approval to handle feed if you perform the following activities: Manufacturing Processing Storage transport or Distribution of feed.

Request purchase of conventional breeding animals for organic farm

If you are a certified organic company and want to add conventional animals to your herd, you can get an exemption under certain conditions.

Retroactively recognize agricultural area for organic farming

Areas that have demonstrably not been treated in the past with agents prohibited in organic farming can, under certain conditions, be recognized retroactively as organic areas.

Vocational training in agriculture and home economics

In agriculture and home economics, training is provided in 14 recognized apprenticeship occupations All necessary information on vocational training, from the conclusion of a...

official recognition of an experimental facility for plant protection products

Non-official testing facilities operated or established by a private or public entity may be officially recognized upon application.

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