Animal Keeping


Allow animals breeding, keeping and trade

For many activities in the commercial handling of animals you need a permit from the competent authority. You can find out more about this here.

Animal Enclosure Permit

See Zoo - Permit

Animal Welfare - Apply for subsidies

The purpose of animal welfare promotion is to support livestock farmers in introducing or maintaining particularly animal-friendly husbandry practices.

Animal testing - apply for approval

If you want to conduct animal experiments, then you need prior approval from the competent authority.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare refers to the protection of both wild animals and those living in human care.

Apply for approval for use and storage of compound feed according to Regulation (EC) No. 999-2001

For the use and storage of compound feeds made from certain feed materials of animal origin, approval is required if you keep other livestock to which these feeds may not be fed.

Apply for exemption to feed synthetic vitamins in organic farming

If you are a certified organic company and want to feed synthetic vitamins (A, D, E) to your ruminants, you can get an exemption.

Apply for registration or approval for self-mixers

You would like to produce a compound feed for your own use with animal ingredients? Then you need a registration. If you also keep ruminants on your farm, you need an approval...

Apply for zoo permit

If you want to operate a zoo, you need the approval of the nature conservation authority. In addition to the establishment and operation of a zoo, the expansion and significant...

Appoint animal welfare officer

As a sponsor of facilities where animal experiments and similar activities are performed, you must appoint one or more animal welfare officers and notify the competent authority...

Avian Influenza

The discovery of dead birds or the suspicion of avian influenza in infected areas and in so-called risk areas, the competent authority must be informed.

Avian influenza

Classical avian influenza ("bird flu") is a particularly severe form of avian influenza in poultry and other birds caused by highly pathogenic influenza viruses of subtypes H5...

Beekeeping (beekeeping) - apply for funding

If you operate an apiary in Thuringia, then you can receive funding for the keeping and breeding of bees. You must apply for this in writing to the relevant office.

Designate a person responsible for animal slaughter who is authorized to give instructions.

Do you or your employees slaughter, stun or bleed animals commercially? If so, you must appoint a responsible person with authority to issue instructions for reasons of animal...

Directive wolf-lynx - compensation

In the case of an officially confirmed wolf or lynx kill, livestock owners can apply for compensation under the Wolf/Lynx Funding Guidelines.

Directive wolf-lynx - prevention

Here you can find information on the promotion of prevention measures for protection against wolf attacks on grazing animals.

Dog tax

If you keep a dog, you may have to pay a dog tax, if your municipality provides for this. You can find information about this here.

Dogs: Commercial keeping - Permission

If you want to keep dogs commercially, you need a permit from the competent authority. Requirements: The person responsible for the activity must have the professional...

Farm animal husbandry - Display

You must notify the competent authority of the keeping of farm animals. This concerns the following types of animals: Cattle Pigs Sheep Goats Equidae Chickens Ducks ...

Feed Control

Safe feed is a prerequisite for safe food and healthy animals. That is why feed business operators are monitored and feed is tested.

Fipronil residues in eggs

What is Fipronil? Fipronil is a pesticide. It is used against fleas, lice, ticks, cockroaches and mites, among others. It must not be used on food-producing animals...

Game for sale: Show commercial husbandry

Anyone wishing to keep game in a commercial manner must notify the competent authority four weeks before commencing the activity.

Grant approval for the production of poultry from special husbandry systems

For the production of poultry from special housing, you need permission from the competent body.

Grant approval for the slaughter of poultry from special husbandry systems

For the slaughter of poultry of special types of husbandry, you must apply for permission from the competent authority.

Home slaughtering

Home slaughtering is slaughtering outside commercial slaughterhouses, where the meat may only be used in the animal owner's household.Meat production for other persons is a...

Insemination stations and embryo collection units Permission

You can obtain a permit to operate an insemination station or embryo collection or production unit if you meet certain recognition requirements for this purpose.

Livestock trade (commercial) - Display

If you want to trade in livestock commercially or transport livestock commercially or as part of animal production based on the division of labor, or operate a collection...

Marketing permits according to species protection law / CITES

Specimens of animals and plants of the specially protected species listed in Annex A of EC Regulation No. 338/97 require a marketing permit for sale (including exchange) or any...

Register dog ownership

The keeping of a dog must be reported immediately to the competent authority.

Register hatcheries, breeding and propagation farms and issue identification number.

If you want to operate a hatchery or a breeding and multiplying farm, then you must register with the competent body.

Register laying hen farm and assign identification number

If you want to market eggs from your laying hen farm, you must register it under certain conditions. With the registration, your farm will also be assigned an identification...

Request exemption intervention on organic animals

If you want to perform interventions on your animals as a certified organic company, you can get an exemption under certain conditions.

Request purchase of conventional breeding animals for organic farm

If you are a certified organic company and want to add conventional animals to your herd, you can get an exemption under certain conditions.

Sheep-goat premium

Livestock farmers who manage biotope grassland in Thuringia can receive support through the sheep-goat premium. Sheep and goats are important "landscape managers on four legs"....

Species protection granting a special permit and exemption

If you wish to obtain an exemption permit or exemption from species protection, then you must apply for it to the competent authority.

Species protection: Obligation to report protected species

If you want to keep vertebrates of the specially protected species as pets, then you must notify the competent authority.

Travel with pets (pets)

Here you will find information about traveling abroad with a pet or importing a pet from abroad.

Veterinarian - Recognize further training title of specialist veterinarian

In addition to your professional title as a veterinarian, you may use other acquired professional titles upon application. You are only permitted to use these additional...

Veterinary certificate for the identification of a dog according to the Thuringian Chippflichtverordnung (compulsory chip ordinance)

All dogs in Thuringia must be identified with a microchip. This is injected by a veterinarian and contains a transponder number, which ensures an exact assignment of the dog. As...

Veterinary medicine cabinet - show

You must notify the competent authority of the operation of a veterinary home pharmacy.

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