Identity Card


Apply for identity card

If you have German citizenship, you can apply for an identity card.

Authorization certificate according to PAuswG Issuance

If you want to use the online ID function as a provider in your own application, you need an authorization certificate.

Change first name

You can have your first name changed under certain conditions.

Change surname of a child by naming

If your spouse is not a parent of your child and you want him or her to have your married name, you can change the child's name.

Change surname of a child by single custodial parent

You can have your child's name changed to the other parent's surname.

Change surname of spouses

If you marry or are already in a marriage, you can determine a common family name.

Change surnames of expellees, late repatriates, their spouses or descendants

As a displaced person or late repatriate or their spouse or descendants, you have various options for changing your name(s).

Change surnames of registered civil partners

If you live in a registered civil partnership, you can determine a common name (civil partnership name).

Child passport

If you want to travel abroad with your child, then he or she needs a child passport. You must apply for this passport.

First names change order

If you have more than one first name, you can have their order changed by making a declaration.

Public law change of the family name

If a change of the family name is not possible according to the civil-legal requirements, the change of the family name can be applied for at the responsible administrative...

Redetermine surname of the child

If you do not share joint custody of a child until after the birth, you can redetermine the child's family name.

Requesting a temporary identity card

Your identity card has been lost or has expired and you need a new one? Then you can apply for a temporary identity card.

Resume family name after dissolution of marriage or civil partnership

If your marriage or civil partnership is dissolved, you can change your family name.

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