Property Law


Basic account information provision

If you want to open a basic account, you can do so at almost any bank.

Capital management company Apply for permission to conduct business

If you want to manage investment assets as a capital management company with its registered office and head office in Germany, you need written permission or you have to register.

Expropriation of land

Expropriation is a form of state access to land or to rights to the land.

Insolvency notices: Information on insolvency proceedings

You can obtain information about any insolvency proceedings online.

Open property issues

The Property Act governs claims to assets that were expropriated or taken into public ownership in the territory of the former GDR in the period from 1949 to 1990 and applies...

Savings bank: establishment - permission

If you want to establish a savings bank, then you need permission from the relevant authority.

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