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Maneuver damage

As a citizen, military matters generally affect you only in connection with Bundeswehr exercises and NATO forces.

Military and civilian service: maintenance assurance

To meet their basic needs, conscripted military or civilian service members and their family members receive benefits under the Maintenance Act (Unterhaltssicherungsgesetz,...

Military service - health damage (military pension)

After termination of his military service, a soldier who has suffered a military service injury receives, on application, a pension for the health and economic consequences of...

POW compensation

The regulations for former prisoners of war that applied in the old federal states were not transferred to the new federal states by the Unification Treaty. The Act on the...

War Victim Services

Anyone who has suffered injury to health as a result of military or military-like service or as a result of an accident during the performance of military or military-like...

War Victims Welfare

Here you will find information on war victims' welfare and how to apply for it.

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