Foundation of the association



Here you can get information if you want to found an association.

Citizen participation

The opportunities for citizen participation are derived from Articles 20 (2) and 28 (1) of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz - GG) and Articles 45 and 93 of the Constitution of the...

Citizens' Initiatives

A citizens' initiative is a community founded on the basis of a specific cause. It does not have a specific legal form. The goal of a citizens' initiative is to influence public...

Entry in the register of associations

In order to make your association a "registered association" after it has been founded, you must register it with the relevant office for entry in the register of associations.

Foundation recognition

If you want to establish a foundation, then you need the recognition of the competent authority.

Granting of legal capacity as an economic association (w. V.)

Anyone can establish an economic association. However, this is not equal to the widespread form of the e. V., but this own legal form is state-awarded under certain conditions...

Guardianship association (guardianship) - recognition

Do you want to operate a guardianship association? Then you must have it recognized.

Information from the register of associations

If you wish to inspect the register of associations, you can do so via the corresponding portal on the Internet.

Political party: foundation

If you wish to establish a party, you must notify the Federal Election Commissioner.

Sports promotion

In Thuringia, sports are promoted in a variety of ways.

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