Voluntary Work


Animal welfare

Animal welfare refers to the protection of both wild animals and those living in human care.

Election workers

As a citizen entitled to vote, you can lead the election proceedings on election day in the election committees as an election chairman or assessor and determine the provisional...

Fire and disaster protection: Volunteer work

In Thuringia, voluntary fire departments and the private aid organizations involved in disaster control perform voluntary work in fire protection and disaster control. Persons...

Help for the elderly

As an elderly person, you will receive a wide range of information and supportwithin the framework of open assistance for the elderly: Advice in all questions of life, ...

Municipal honors

If you have rendered outstanding services to a municipality/municipality, then you can be honored by it with an award.

Senior citizens' representation/senior citizens' office

In many municipalities, senior citizens' representatives and senior citizens' offices advocate for the interests of senior citizens.

Sports promotion

In Thuringia, sports are promoted in a variety of ways.

Thuringia year

In Thuringia, the Voluntary Social Year, Voluntary Ecological Year and Voluntary Cultural Year have been combined to form the Thuringia Year. The Thuringia Year offers...

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