Access to information in accordance with the Thuringian Transparency Act in conjunction with use of the Thuringian Transparency Portal

Any natural person or legal entity under private law (e.g., an association or a limited liability company) has the right to access official information held by public...

Archive demand

If you have a well-founded interest, then you can obtain access to the archive records of the various archives in Thuringia.

Art and culture promotion by the Free State of Thuringia

Project funding in the arts and culture sector serves to provide targeted support for projects carried out by natural persons and legal entities recognized as non-profit...

Broadcasting operation - approval

As a private broadcaster, you need a license under state law. For broadcasts that are are organized and broadcast in the local area of a public event and in temporal...

Census 2022 in Thuringia

In 2022, a population, building and housing census will take place in the Federal Republic of Germany and thus also in Thuringia.

Certificate of good conduct - extended

If you need an extended certificate of good conduct, it will be issued to you upon request or sent directly to an authority for submission.

Citizens Advice

The Citizens' Advice Service will help you if you need to clarify or settle something with a public institution. It acts as an intermediary between you as a citizen and the...

Civil-Military Cooperation

The Bundeswehr's Civil-Military Cooperation (CMC) is an independent area of responsibility within the Bundeswehr. Civil-Military Cooperation encompasses all measures, forces and...

Coat of arms of municipalities - permission to use

If you want to use the coat of arms of a municipality, then you must obtain permission for this in advance.

Concerns to the Ombudsman

The ombudsman is the contact person and advisor for citizens in all matters of public administration. He has the task of safeguarding their rights vis-à-vis the agencies of...

Confirmation of donation (donation receipt)

Contributions (donations and membership fees) can only be taken into account for tax purposes as special expenses if the donor provides evidence of them in the form of a...

Disagreeing with information from the population register against groups

If you do not want your your own data to be passed on to parties, voter groups, the press or radio, then you can object to data being disclosed or passed on.

Educational leave according to the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)

Would you like to continue your education or training? Then you can claim educational leave from your employer.

Forms and statutes (municipality)

Your local government has regulated many details of local living and working together in statutes and made them accessible via forms. These are available to you as a citizen or...

German Digital Library Information provision

The German Digital Library is the central platform for culture and knowledge in Germany. You can use the German Digital Library for free or as a cultural and scientific...

Get Spätaussiedler certificate

Anyone who is a late repatriate of German ethnicity, their descendants or relatives can apply for a late repatriate certificate.

Google Street View - Opposition

If you, as the owner or tenant of a house, do not want it to be displayed on the Google Street View Internet service, you can object to it. You can find information on how to...

Home Supervision

Inpatient facilities within the meaning of the Thuringian Housing and Participation Act (ThürWTG) are facilities that serve the purpose of accommodating older people, people in...

Juvenile Justice Services

If young people become delinquent, then the youth court assistance of the youth welfare office can be called upon.


Public libraries are an essential part of the freely accessible information, education and cultural offerings in our society. As a rule, they are municipal institutions. No...

Police stations

Thuringian Police The Thuringian Police is the state police force of the Free State of Thuringia with around 6,800 employees, including 5,743 police enforcement officers, 283...

Press Law

The press is assigned a prominent position in the state, but also in society. This position corresponds to the specific protection of fundamental rights that the press has...

Press law - administrative offenses

Press law is a subarea of media law. Based on the freedom of the press guaranteed in the Basic Law, it deals with the legal framework of the press. Section 13 TPG (regulatory...

Prevention Network against Right-Wing Extremism (BIKnetz)

The "Bundesweites Informations- und Kompetenznetz" (BIKnetz) is a nationwide contact point for prevention against right-wing extremism. It offers the following support...

Promoting the integration of people with a migration background

The target groups for measures and projects funded under this guideline are primarily ethnic German repatriates and their family members as well as foreign nationals with a...

Sports promotion

In Thuringia, sports are promoted in a variety of ways.

Sports promotion municipal

Under certain conditions, you can receive financial support for your sports club. You can find information about this here.

Use of the federal eagle Permission

If you wish to use a representation of the federal eagle, you must apply for permission.

Use of the national coat of arms Permission

The use of the Thuringian state coat of arms is only permitted to the agencies of the state. The so-called Thuringia signet, on the other hand, may be used by anyone.

Women's Centers

The women's centers funded by the Free State of Thuringia are places of encounter, communication, information, politics, culture and counseling. With their range of services,...

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