Apply for falconer hunting license

If you want to hunt with birds of prey (Beizjagd), you need a falconer hunting license issued in Germany.

Apply for hunting license

Anyone wishing to hunt needs a hunting license issued in Germany.

Apply for hunting license for foreigners

Anyone wishing to hunt as a non-German or non-German national requires a hunting license for foreigners issued in Germany.

Game damage compensation - file a claim

Have you discovered game or hunting damage on your agricultural or forestry property? Then you are entitled to compensation under certain conditions.

Home slaughtering

Home slaughtering is slaughtering outside commercial slaughterhouses, where the meat may only be used in the animal owner's household.Meat production for other persons is a...

Hunting matters - Get general information

Hunting primarily serves to maintain and preserve a healthy and species-rich wild animal population. It also aims to protect the game and to secure and maintain its livelihood. ...

Marketing permits according to species protection law / CITES

Specimens of animals and plants of the specially protected species listed in Annex A of EC Regulation No. 338/97 require a marketing permit for sale (including exchange) or any...

Permission to acquire and possess weapons and ammunition

If you wish to acquire or possess weapons and ammunition, you need a permit. You must apply for this permit at the responsible authority.

Species protection granting a special permit and exemption

If you wish to obtain an exemption permit or exemption from species protection, then you must apply for it to the competent authority.

Species protection: Obligation to report protected species

If you want to keep vertebrates of the specially protected species as pets, then you must notify the competent authority.

Wild birds - taking in and caring for injured, helpless or sick animals.

According to nature conservation regulations, it is permitted to take in injured, helpless or sick birds and nurse them back to health. The animals are to be released back into...

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