Statistical surveys and reporting obligations

In the interest of a broad overview, depending on their industry, companies report facts and figures for statistics that are them accessible to all. In many cases, this can be done online. Here you will find an overview of statistical reporting and other reporting as well as the relevant public authorities.


Avian Influenza

The discovery of dead birds or the suspicion of avian influenza in infected areas and in so-called risk areas, the competent authority must be informed.

Avian influenza

Classical avian influenza ("bird flu") is a particularly severe form of avian influenza in poultry and other birds caused by highly pathogenic influenza viruses of subtypes H5...

Change notification vineyard register

If you clear or plant vineyards, you must report these changes.

Immission control: Notification of bodies within the meaning of § 26 BImSchG

Pursuant to § 26 of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), the competent supervisory authority may order the operator of an installation requiring a permit or - insofar as...

Obligation to register during stay in hospital or nursing home

If you are admitted to or move into a hospital, home or similar institution, you only need to register as soon as the stay exceeds three months and you are not registered for an...

Obligation to register in accommodation facilities

If your stay in a place of accommodation exceeds six months, you must register with the relevant registration office.

Reporting of wine and grape must stocks

If you or your farm have grape must, wine or sparkling wine as of July 31, you must file a declaration with the appropriate authority by September 10.

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