Vehicle licences

Anyone who wants to operate a vehicle, whether on land, on water or in the air, needs a permit to do so. A vehicle licence is proof of being allowed to do so. How do you get a driver's licence or a pilot's licence? What to do if you want to get another driving licence class - to drive a motorcycle or a truck, for example? How can I extend my temporary driver's licence? Here you will find answers to these and similar questions.


Apply for a new driver's license

If your driver's license has been revoked, then you must apply to have it reissued.

Apply for accompanied driving license from 17

Young people are allowed to drive a car accompanied by an adult from the age of 17 after training in a driving school and passing the driving test. For this purpose, an...

Apply for an international driver's license

If you are planning a (temporary) stay in non-European countries, then you usually need an international driver's license.

Apply for driver's license extension for another driver's license class

If you have a driver's license, then you can extend it by another driver's license (class) upon application.

Driver's license C, CE, C1 or C1E renewal request

You must apply for the renewal of your driver's license for classes C, CE, C1, C1E at the responsible driver's license authority.

Driver's license D, DE, D1 or D1E renewal request

You must apply for the renewal of your driver's license for classes D, DE, D1 or D1E at the responsible driver's license authority.

Driver's license exchange to an EU driver's license (card driver's license) request

If you want to exchange your driver's license for an EU driver's license or need a new one due to wear and tear or name change, you can apply forit at the driver's license office.

Driver's license for passenger transport exhibition apply

In order to transport passengers against payment, you need a driver's license for passenger transport (FzF). You must apply for this from the relevant office.

Driver's license query for collection (status query)

If you have applied for your driver's license, you can check here to see if it is ready for pickup at the driver's license office.

Driving license driving ban and driving license suspension - get information

Here you will find information on driving bans and driver's license revocations.

Driving license issue for the first time for the classes AM, A1, A2 or A

A moped license can be obtained at the age of 15. Entry into the motorcycle classes is possible from the age of 16 at the earliest.

Foreign driver's license - have it rewritten

If you have a foreign driver's license for motor vehicles, you can have it rewritten for Germany.

Have service driver's license changed to general driver's license (EU driver's license)

Here you will find information on how to convert a service driver's license into a regular driver's license.

Information from the Central Vehicle Register

Information from the Central Vehicle Register (ZFZR) of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) can only be obtained by authorized bodies and citizens for the purpose of...

Moped license at 15

Since July 28, 2021, a minimum age of 15 years is valid nationwide for the issuance of the driving license class AM.

Professional driver training - registration in the driver's license

If you are a professional driver who performs road haulage or passenger transportation for commercial purposes on public roads, you need the entry of the key number 95 in your...

Recognition of courses for the restoration of fitness to drive

If you want to conduct courses to restore the driving fitness of drivers who have committed alcohol or drug-related offences, you need to be recognized by the authority...

Request driver's license issuance

Here you can get information about issuing a driver's license.

Request driver's license issuance

You want to drive a motor vehicle? Then you need a driver's license.

Request replacement driver's license

If you wish to have a replacement driver's license issued, then you must apply for it at the appropriate authority.

Thuringia inland navigation license application

If you meet the requirements, then you can apply for an inland navigation license. Learn more about it here.

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