Separating if you have a child

There are numerous questions associated with separating or divorcing if you have children. What support is available to separated parents or lone parents? What do custody rights include? What do visitation rights include? Who can decide on what? What name do I use and what name does my child use? What happens if one of the partners remarries?


Advice and assistance in establishing paternity

You have or will have a child and the father of the child does not want to acknowledge his paternity or is unknown? Get advice on what you can do and who can help you.

Apply for advance payment of maintenance for children of single parents

If you are a single parent and do not receive child support from the other parent or receive it only irregularly, you can apply for an advance on child support.

Child support

After divorce, children or the former spouses are entitled to maintenance.

Communicate changes that are important for the receipt of advance maintenance payments

You receive advance child support and there have been changes? Report them immediately.


Here you can get information about divorce.


Here you will find information on court-appointed guardianship for minors.

Guardianship: appointing a supplementary guardian

Under certain circumstances, a supplemental guardian may be appointed in addition to the parents' custody of a child or youth.

Have an annual check to see if my child is receiving child support payments

Are you receiving advance maintenance payments? The maintenance advance office checks annually whether all requirements for the entitlement to maintenance advance are still met.

Obligation to fulfill maintenance claims Notarization

If the other parent does not pay child support, you can obtain assistance from the Beistandschaft and have the obligation to pay child support notarized. The maintenance advance...

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