Display fishing lease and apply for approval

The exercise of a fishing right may be transferred by lease from the holder of the fishing right (fishing right holder) to other persons.

Fisheries levy - applying for funding from the fisheries levy (FAG) in Thuringia

The objectives of the funding are the conservation of aquatic habitats, the implementation of fishery management and the increase of fishery knowledge in Thuringia.

Fishing electrofishing (fishing with electricity) - apply for a permit

If you want to use electrofishing for the study of fish stocks, then you need the permission of the competent authority.

Fishing exam Apply for admission

Passing the Thuringian fishing examination is the basis for issuing or extending a Thuringian fishing license.

Fishing vacation fishing license (quarterly fishing license in Thuringia) issuance and renewal application

You would like to fish in Thuringia, but you do not have a fishing license and have not taken a fishing exam? Then you have the possibility to acquire the quarter-year fishing...

Issue fishing permits - receive information

Owners of fishing rights (Fischereiausübungsberechtigter), for example owners of a body of water, may issue fishing permits to individuals or corporations. The lower fishery...

Request fishing license issuance

To practice angling, it is necessary to apply for and obtain a fishing license in Thuringia. The application processing takes place in the responsible municipality.

Show fishing hedge plan

For fishing districts, management plans shall be drawn up by the persons entitled to fish or, in the case of leasing, by the persons entitled to exercise fishing rights.

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