Application for permission according to § 15 Biosubstances Ordinance

For the activity with certain biosubstances you need the permission of the competent body.

Apply for discharge of wastewater into a body of water

Do you want to discharge wastewater into a surface water body or into groundwater via the subsoil? Then you must submit an application for permission to use the water to your...

Apply for permission to start waste management activity

If you want to collect or transport hazardous waste or trade in hazardous waste, you must apply for a permit for this activity from the competent authority.

Batteries - Disposal

Here you will find information on the disposal of used batteries.

Consulting according to the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act

Section 46 of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act assigns the chambers of industry and commerce the task of providing information and advice on ways to avoid,...

Dangerous Substances and Mixtures: Commercial Handling - Permit according to the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance

For the commercial distribution of substances or preparations that must be labeled with the hazard symbols T (toxic) or T+ (very toxic) according to the Hazardous Substances...

Disposal of sales packaging: Dual System -Determination

You would like to operate a nationwide system for the disposal of packaging waste? Then you must apply for an official permit for this.

Drinking water monitoring

Here you can get information about drinking water monitoring.

Environmental Company Information System of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Ecofinder)

The IHK ecoFinder is Germany's largest portal for organizations and companies from the environmental and energy sector. Here you can find competent providers of products and...

IHK Recycling Exchange

The IHK Recycling Exchange brings together supply and demand for recyclable waste. Do you need recyclable materials yourself in order to make optimum use of your facilities? ...

Immission control (immissions/emissions)

The term immission control covers all efforts to limit immissions to a level that is acceptable to people and the environment in the long term. The main instrument of immission...

Keep registers and records of the whereabouts of wastes

Hazardous waste Anyone wishing to dispose of hazardous waste must keep a register or certain records of its whereabouts. The register or the records to be kept shall document...

Nature conservation: compensation and replacement measures

Projects that unavoidably affect nature must be balanced out by nature conservation and landscape management measures.

Non-profit and commercial collections of waste - notification procedure

You would like to collect non-profit or commercially recyclable waste from private households? Then you must notify the competent body at least three months before the start of...

Notification for activities with biological agents (biosubstances) according to § 16 Biosubstances Ordinance

If you start working with certain biosubstances for the first time, you must notify the competent body.

Online time synchronization of remote computer clocks Implementation

If you want to set the clock of your computer or mobile device exactly, you can use a service of the physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), which enables time...

Organic farming: private inspection body - approval

You would like to operate a private inspection body for organic farming that monitors and verifies compliance with the EC Organic Regulation directly on site at farms and...

Protection against non-ionizing radiation - Inspection of equipment - Notification as inspection body

The competent authority must monitor compliance with the regulations when operating facilities for the application of non-ionizing radiation to humans outside of medicine, also...

Radioactive substances: Inventory - Display

If you handle radioactive materials, you must report the inventory of radioactive materials with half-lives of more than 100 days to the competent body once a year.

Radioactive substances: use and storage of devices - Display

The use and storage of devices containing radioactive materials with a design approval granted before August 1, 2001, is subject to notification.

Recreation and entering the open countryside

Access to the open countryside on roads and paths as well as on unused ground areas for the purpose of recreation is permitted to all and is governed by for the forest...

Show the start of waste management activity

If you want to collect or transport waste or trade in waste, you must notify the competent authority of the activity.

Substances hazardous to water: Specialist company - Proof of specialist company status

Upon request, specialist companies must provide proof of their specialist company status to the lower water authority in whose district they operate. It must also be possible to...

Substances hazardous to water: commercial handling - notification

Facilities for handling substances hazardous to water pose a particular threat to water bodies. These include, in particular, oil heating systems, filling stations, facilities...

VE-Register: Register for declarations of completeness according to the Packaging Ordinance

Anyone who puts sales packaging into circulation is obliged to submit an annual declaration of completeness for all sales packaging.

Waters (public): commercial use (groundwater heat pumps > 100m) - permit

If you want to install and operate a groundwater heat pump, you need a water law permit for the extraction and reinjection of groundwater.

X-ray equipment: Termination of operation - Display

You must immediately notify the responsible office of the termination of operation of an X-ray device.

X-ray equipment: planned commissioning - display

You must notify the responsible office of the commissioning or significant changes to an X-ray facility that does not require a license.

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