Apply for urban redevelopment and urban development funding

Urban redevelopment in Thuringia is financially supported by federal-state urban development programs and supplemented by state programs.

Chamber of Architects Apply for registration of a partnership

Here you will find information on registering as a partner company in the register of companies at the Chamber of Architects of Thuringia.

Chamber of Engineers - registration in the list of consulting engineers

If you wish to use the protected professional title "Consulting Engineer", you must be registered with the Chamber of Engineers. You can apply for this, provided that you meet...

Chamber of Engineers - registration in the list of engineers authorized to submit building documents

If you are an engineer and would like to obtain the authorization to submit building documents, then you can, if you meet the requirements, register on the list of You can...

Chamber of architects - notification of professional practice under supervision

As a graduate in the field of architecture, you must complete the professional practical activity under the supervision of a member of the profession in the field of...

Chamber of architects - registration in the register of voluntary members (graduates)

Anyone who, after successfully completing a course of study in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture or urban planning, carries out a practical professional...

Chamber of architects - right to use protected professional titles by foreign companies

A company that has neither its registered office nor a branch in Germany (foreign company) and moves to Thuringia for the temporary or occasional provision of services in the...

Chamber of architects - right to use protected professional titles by foreign service providers

As an out-of-town service provider, you can be registered in the special directory for out-of-town service providers of the Chamber of Architects Thruringia.

Change barrier to secure urban land use planning - apply for exemption for construction projects not subject to procedures

Exceptions to the change restriction may be permitted if overriding public interests do not conflict with this.

Energy certificate

The energy certificate is a document that evaluates a building in terms of energy. It gives you an indication of a rough estimate of the future energy costs for an apartment or...

Entry in the joint lists for authorized persons for proof of structural engineering proofs of AKT and IKT according to § 65 ThürBO from March 13, 2014

If you would like to work as an authorized inspector for structural engineering verifications , you must register in the respective list of authorized inspectors. You can find...

Historic preservation

If you have any questions concerning the protection of monuments or the promotion of their preservation, you should contact the competent authority.

Request type test

Structural systems or parts of structural systems that are subject to testing and are erected or used in the same design at several locations must be tested by a testing office...

Show blasting

You must notify the responsible office of a blasting with explosive substances.

Sunday and holiday employment: Exemption permit (prevention of disproportionate harm in special circumstances).

If you as an employer want to employ workers on Sundays and public holidays because special circumstances require this to prevent disproportionate harm, you need an exemption...

Test engineers for fire protection - apply for recognition

Test engineers for fire protection perform building inspection tasks on behalf of the building supervisory authority.

Testing experts for earthwork and foundation engineering - apply for recognition

Inspection experts for earthworks and foundation engineering inspect and certify compliance with building code requirements. This is done on behalf of the client or other...

Testing experts for technical systems and equipment - applying for recognition

Testing experts test and certify compliance with building code requirements in their respective fields.This is done on behalf of the building owner or other responsible parties...

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