Trade Law


Admission as a patent attorney company

If you wish to establish a patent attorney company in the legal form of a GmbH, you must apply for admission as a patent attorney company.Note: In addition to the GmbH, partner...

Application for EU food establishment approval under food law

Under EU food legislation, certain establishments placing food of animal origin on the market require approval. These include, for example, slaughterhouses and establishments...

Apply for permission to work as an insurance intermediary

If you would like to work as a self-employed insurance broker, you need a permit from your local Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Auditing company - recognition

In order to establish an auditing company (WPG), you need recognition by the Chamber of Auditors. Recognition requires proof that the company is responsibly managed by...

Business or freelance activity: delimitation

Anyone who is self-employed either operates a trade or belongs to the liberal professions. "The liberal professions generally have as their object, on the basis of special...

Demarcation craft/industry/trade/services

If you are unsure whether your company belongs to the IHK or HWK, you can seek advice from the respective chambers.

Deregister trade

Do you want to discontinue your business, move to a location that falls under the jurisdiction of a municipality other than the one that was previously responsible, or do you...

EC Services Directive

The EC Services Directive is intended to simplify procedures and formalities throughout Europe.

Factory Inspectorate

The term "Factory Inspectorate" is synonymous with the more modern term "Occupational Safety and Health", which is used not only in Thuringia. For further information see...

Farm number Allocation

As an employer, you must register your employees for social insurance. To do this, you need a company number.

File an appeal against decisions of the DPMA

You can file an appeal against decisions of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) in IP rights proceedings.

Financial investment intermediary permit application

If you wish to become a self-employed financial investment broker, you must apply for a permit.

Firearms license - issuance

If you want to carry alarm, irritant and signal weapons, then you need the "small" gun license.

Games with the possibility of winning - certificate of no objection

If you want to organize commercial games with the possibility of winning (e.g. games of skill), you need a permit from the responsible authority. To obtain this permit, you must...

Hazardous substances: Accident in the company - obligation to notify

As an entrepreneur, you must immediately report accidents or operational malfunctions caused by activities involving hazardous substances to the responsible authority.

Imprint - disorderly

Dhe requirements for the imprint of a website are regulated by law. Anyone offering telemedia services to the public on the Internet must provide certain information about their...

Insurance consultant - permission

If you wish to work as an insurance advisor, you must apply for permission from the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Keep registers and records of the whereabouts of wastes

Hazardous waste Anyone wishing to dispose of hazardous waste must keep a register or certain records of its whereabouts. The register or the records to be kept shall document...

Official recognition of experts for the acceptance of temperament tests for dogs according to §§ 8 and 9 ThürTierGefG

Official recognition of experts according to § 1 ThürWesenstVO for the acceptance of temperament tests of dogs according to §§ 8 and 9 ThürTierGefG

Official recognition of the experts for the acceptance of expert examinations for owners of dangerous dogs or other dangerous animals

Official recognition of experts for the acceptance of expert examinations for keepers of dangerous animals (§§ 1 and 9 of the Thuringian Expert Examination Ordinance).

Pay business tax

If you operate a commercial enterprise in Germany, you are subject to trade tax.

Permit for real estate loan broker issuance

You need a permit to act as a real estate loan broker if you commercially offer real estate consumer loans within the meaning of Section 491 (3) of the German Civil Code or ...

Price monitoring

Price law audits are intended to protect the public sector from excessive prices.


Data protection describes the protection of each person's data against unauthorized collection, processing and disclosure.

Re-register business

If you wish to re-register your business, you must notify the relevant authorities.

Recognize explosives training courses for the teaching of specialist knowledge

In order to conduct training courses for the teaching of specialist knowledge for the handling and traffic of explosive substances, you require state recognition by the...

Register business

If you want to operate a business, then you must notify the relevant authority. You can find out more about this here.

Register of Craftsmen: Change of company data/form

If there are any changes to your company data or legal form, you must notify the competent authority.

Register prostitution activity for the first time

If you are engaged in prostitution in Germany, then you must register with the responsible office. You can find out more about this here.

Register training contract

As an employer who employs trainees, you must register their vocational training in the register of vocational training contracts.

Set up playground equipment

If you want to set up commercial gaming machines with the possibility of winning, you need the permission of the competent authority.

Store opening hours

In Thuringia, opening regulations apply to sales outlets in accordance with the state's Shop Opening Act.

Trade subject to authorization: Information

In principle, there is freedom of trade in the Federal Republic of Germany. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this rule.For some trades, special licensing requirements ...

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