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Apply for a company license as a vehicle keeper for independent participation in railroad operations (§ 6 AEG)

Application for the company license as a vehicle keeper for independent participation in railroad operation

Apply for a company license to provide rail transport services (§ 6 AEG)

Application for the company license for the provision of railroad transport services

Apply for a company permit to operate a rail infrastructure (§ 6 AEG)

Application for company approval for railroads, control and safety systems and platforms.

Apply for exemption from truck driving ban during vacation travel season

Exceptions to the truck driving ban during the vacation travel season (July and August) are possible upon request.

Commercial shipping in Thuringia Apply for a permit

The operation of watercraft for the paid transportation of persons and property on Thuringian waters requires a permit in accordance with the Thuringian Ordinance on the...

Commercial transport of passengers by road Apply for a permit

If you want to carry out commercial passenger transport on the road, then you must obtain prior authorization.

Disposal of sales packaging: Dual System -Determination

You would like to operate a nationwide system for the disposal of packaging waste? Then you must apply for an official permit for this.

Erecting, modifying, operating ferry and navigation facilities - permit / authorization

If you want to build, operate or make changes to ferry and navigation facilities, then you need a permit from the competent body.

Information on the further course of the UK's exit from the EU and the direct effects for German citizens

On Thursday, June 23, 2016, the British population voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Short-term effects on travel to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, on the...

Large and heavy goods traffic Apply for a permit

Large-volume and heavy-load transports are subject to authorization and permits.

Long truck information provision

Long trucks have been allowed to drive on certain roads in Germany for an unlimited period since January 1, 2017. The conditions for this have been legally regulated by the...

Online time synchronization of remote computer clocks Implementation

If you want to set the clock of your computer or mobile device exactly, you can use a service of the physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), which enables time...

Professional driver training - registration in the driver's license

If you are a professional driver who performs road haulage or passenger transportation for commercial purposes on public roads, you need the entry of the key number 95 in your...

Radioactive material: carriage as excepted packages

Radioactive material may be transported as excepted packages under certain conditions. Packages are exempted, for example, if they contain radioactive substances in limited...

Road freight transport Apply for a permit for commercial transport

If you transport goods commercially with motor vehicles whose permissible total weight (including trailers) exceeds 3.5 tons, you must apply for a permit from the locally...

Road haulage Obtain proof of professional qualification to run a company

To open a company that transports goods by road, you must prove your professional qualification.

Road haulage and passenger transport: company card (digital tachograph) - issue

As an entrepreneur in road haulage and passenger transport, you need a company card. You must apply for this at the responsible office.

Road haulage and passenger transport: workshop card (digital tachograph) - issue

For the installation and adjustment of the digital EC tachograph, workshops, manufacturers of recording equipment and vehicle manufacturers need a workshop card.

Road traffic Request for exemptions

Exceptions to the requirements and prohibitions of the Road Traffic Regulations are possible upon request.

Show the start of waste management activity

If you want to collect or transport waste or trade in waste, you must notify the competent authority of the activity.

Sunday driving ban apply for exemption

Exceptions to the ban on truck driving on Sundays and statutory holidays are possible under certain circumstances. You must apply for these at the responsible office.

Transport of dangerous goods - Apply for recognition of training organizers for training in the transport of dangerous goods.

If you want to conduct training courses for dangerous goods drivers, you must be recognized as a training organizer by the locally responsible IHK.

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